If Philippe Clement backs Lammers and Dessers, Rangers fans need to as well

If Philippe Clement backs Lammers and Dessers, Rangers fans need to as well
Lammers flanked by a delighted Scott Wright after his stunning goal (Credit Rangers FC=)

Historically Ibrox Noise regulars will be well aware of our general disdain for James Tavernier and Connor Goldson. We’re not big fans of these two, never will be, and that’s not going to change.

They’ve been beyond reproach for too long, haven’t ever been accountable for their own errors, and have enjoyed taking glory where they could. They are not our flavour of the month.

However, new manager Philippe Clement appears to be 100% content with them, and in fairness, Prague aside, has had both of them significantly improved since he came in. Tavernier has sat back much more, and actually defended more stoutly, while Goldson has only been responsible for one gaffe thus far, and mercifully it wasn’t costly.

Ergo, Ibrox Noise, like all Rangers fans, should already put trust in this manager to do what he thinks is right, and not make any demands about players being dropped, and yes, that includes Dessers and Lammers. We’re aware a fan group has made some demands for certain players to be axed, such as these two, and we don’t share that demand.

If Philippe Clement wants to put Ronald McDonald in goal and a back four of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb beside Pinky and Perky, he can, as long as it wins.

And right now a team with Sam Lammers, Scott Wright, Cyriel Dessers and Tav and Goldson in it is winning, ergo no one can have any complaints.

And we don’t. We’ll still occasional vent an opinion that we don’t think Wright is up to this level, but we won’t say much more beyond that, because the results are speaking for themselves as, for the most part, are performances.

Clement has already earned a significant amount of faith, he doesn’t need anyone telling him how to do his job, be that us, other fan groups or media outlets.

He’s a real manager, and as long as we’re winning, Daisy Duke could be up front for us for all that it matters.

Trust in the boss.

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