“Keep the fire out” – Clement slaughters Rangers fans’ pyro display

“Keep the fire out” – Clement slaughters Rangers fans’ pyro display
Rangers supporters lighting up the pyros at Dens.

Philippe Clement has condemned the idiotic Rangers fans who brought pyrotechnics into Dundee’s Dens Park last night and let off a display which may have theoretically ‘looked good’ but which was completely illegal, a total safety hazard, and which disrupted the already-delayed match.

In the only blot on an-otherwise brilliant night for Rangers, coming quick on the heels of Celtic’s Green Brigade’s ban from Parkhead for repeated violations of their club’s demands, Rangers’ own Union Bears decided to throw caution (and smoke) to the wind with dangerous pyros and while gaining praise from a very misguided Nico Raskin and Todd Cantwell, Clement was quite the contrary with extreme caution over the display.

“I hope that the club does not face sanctions. You come here in the warm-up and the stand is full, everyone is chanting and supporting the players, giving a lot of energy. Those are very important things. We feel also the dynamic between fans and players is changing and it’s because of both sides. It was good the team started bright again, but I think everyone will understand that it’s really good to have all this support, all these songs and all this energy – I love it – but keep the fire outside of the stadium.”

It was mentioned last night that the horrific Bradford City fire which killed 56 in 1985 also began from an ‘innocuous’ glow in a small area of the stadium, and this kind of foolishness from these fans was just completely misguided, dangerous, foolhardy and very, very reckless.

Especially on a night of high winds and extreme weather which had already had a part to play in delaying the match.

The only ones defending this act of wanton stupidity are the UBs themselves and their circle, which is of no surprise.

They have given the media fuel to attack the club, and the authorities legitimate grounds to fine it, and instead of the morning papers all being about our brilliant win, it’s about their stupidity and the repercussions.

This isn’t a complete smite on the group – their Clyde display after 55 was incredible, and they bring atmosphere to Ibrox when it can sometimes be a morgue, but their wisdom at times is found wanting somewhat and decisions like this one only give ammo to our enemies.

If even Clement isn’t happy, you have to listen. Or Ibrox will be without the Union Bears in the future.

Your call.

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  1. We have to kick out the sectarian songs as well. Not saying I haven’t sung them or don’t love them. But they have no place in public anymore, they just embarrass the club and give our enemies a big stick to beat us with.
    Forecast board copying them with a ban on away fans if it does not stop. That would hurt the team, who are clearly lifted by the magnificent travelling support. Just need to keep it within bounds, please

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