“Just dominated – 9” Rangers players rated in soaking Dundee

“Just dominated – 9” Rangers players rated in soaking Dundee
Danilo celebrates at Dens Park (Credit Rangers FC)

The fourth match of Philippe Clement’s fledgling Rangers career ended, belatedly, with an outstanding travelling performance from his Ibrox men, as they ran deserved and comfortable 0-5 winners on a very easy evening on Tayside.

Ibrox Noise scores the players on a pretty rampant result:


Was actually forced into a few saves would you believe, and the Dee didn’t give him a free pass. No major saves but was comfortable, competent, and smooth in what he needed to do. 7


Inauspicious night from him, wasn’t heavily involved but it was mainly how PC set the system up. Got his penalty, made no errors, and was comfortable. 7


Rather the same – wasn’t called in a lot as a defender, tidy enough with his passing, but didn’t stand out particularly. 7


Set the ball rolling with a tubthumping run which led to the opening goal, and looked every inch the colossal defender he is with a big bossy display. Won an excellent 8 aerials and just dominated. Was unlucky to be booked when it appears Lammers was the guilty party. 9


Was given specific instruction by PC to attack, and boy he did. Lots of crossing, worked hard on the left, and looked determined to take the chance with Borna fit again. Defended where he needed to and had a good understanding of his role. 8


Won RTV MOTM, not sure we’d agree, but he was very decent. Heavily involved in the middle, seems to be getting his form back, and his distribution was very good. Not a lot defensively because the side dominated so much. 7


Delighted for his goal but otherwise a player who looked rusty, didn’t get involved enough – his passing was subpar and he was withdraw into the second half. 6


If you remove his worldie goal and worldie assist, he was awful again. But can you remove them? He made two massive contributions even if the rest of his game wasn’t up to scratch – very poor in front of goal overall but you can’t deny his workrate and the impact he ultimately made. Or we no longer measuring goals and assists any more? 8


Yeah he had a mediocre match at best, despite the early assist for Jacko, wasn’t really at the races after that and was removed on 60 minutes. 6


A non-event of a player again, he just has no impact, his overall passing was poor although he had 3 key passes, but sadly he doesn’t have the quality to thrive at this level. We’re not quite sure what he’s still doing here in truth. 5


9 shots, 5 on target, an assist and a goal. He might have missed a few but he had a big game and his movement was absolutely outstanding. He was the best player on the pitch and we had a few contenders for this. 9



Delighted for his goal, the boy can finish but boy is he low on confidence. We hope he cracks on with that tonight. 6


Subdued. Well below his best as he has been most of the season. 5

The rest just freshened things up and kept it ticking.


Clement made a change at the back – defying Ibrox Noise’s projection he dumped Ben Davies (wasn’t even on the bench) and brought in the infinitely superior Leon Balogun, and that made defence a completely different prospect to what it could have been. The tactics all round were clean, roles were clear, and Rangers pounded an in-form Dundee with absolute ease despite all the delays. Clement is a serious manager and Rangers are in the best hands this club has been in for years. 10

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  1. Really gd team performance, but thought Lammers finally stepped it up a level. Really happy for him to get his Brilliant goal and assist.

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