What is Philippe Clement going to do with Rangers?

What is Philippe Clement going to do with Rangers?
Clement has already begun work on this squad...

One of the biggest fascinations for Rangers fans is to see just what new manager Philippe Clement actually does with what has been a dreadfully-cobbled together Rangers squad by the ex-boss Michael Beale.

The former manager played a ridiculous game of FM 2024 and made a complete hash of the squad, system and club – Philippe Clement has some work on his hands to clean that up.

See, he’s coming into this job as a fresh pair of eyes, a completely new era – unlike the last two managers, he has no biases, no prejudices, and no existing issues.

So, what will he do?

Will he be able to turn this mess of a squad into a team?

Will he change the defence? A new captain? Will he change the system? Will he recall loan players?

It’s a total change now, with the hope that he can fix the appalling damage Beale caused – Clement is an experienced hand to say the least, and a winning one, but even he will look at this group of players and wonder what his predecessor was playing at.

The lack of wingers, of quality wingers, of course is a concern, but we have faith in Clement getting a footballer out of Sam Lammers or Cyriel Dessers, and turning James Tavernier into a RB.

If, that is, he elects to go with any of these players.

This is the ‘fun’ point of a new manager, when fans try to suss what on earth plans the boss will have for the team, what players are going to be done under this manager, what ones will unexpectedly rise and become major players.

Unlike his predecessor, Clement does know what he’s doing – and we look forward to the results.

Rangers have a safe, experienced and winning pair of hands guiding our club now – the board did magnificently to get such a high calibre manager.

He might even turn Ben Davies into Paulo Maldini.

Too far?

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