Some Rangers fans still ‘expect’ Walter Smith – Clement is the new era

Some Rangers fans still ‘expect’ Walter Smith – Clement is the new era
The new man with the shirt (Credit Rangers FC)

The biggest ‘benchmark’ or indeed problem that any new manager has at Rangers is being compared to Walter. Like it or not, fair or unfair, he is the absolute bedrock of success at Ibrox, and more than one generation of supporters grew up with the great man at the helm, steering us to titles.

His style was defensive, but winning, and he understood the Scottish Premiership like no one else – no one else had the gift for managing in this league like he did.

But that’s gone, isn’t it. And that’s what fans, especially older ones like yours truly, have to try to get in our thick skulls. There is no more Walter, and his style is history. Wonderful history, but history.

In finding new managers, it is inevitable that supporters will always think to Walter and how this new guy ‘could be the new Walter’ – and indeed, Steven Gerrard absolutely did have that aura around him for sure. Not a patch on the great man as manager, but as an aura and a figure, yes, he did command.

But trying to break out of that cycle and embracing change is part of what Rangers going forward needs to be.

Philippe Clement is not Walter – Philippe Clement is Philippe Clement and he’s a whole new world for Rangers fans.

Of course, winning is what matters – if the players run in reverse and Jack Butland scores all the goal and concedes none, no one will care what the style is.

That is all Clement needs to be – a success, a win.

His style could be flowing football, it could be defensive – it could be a supercharged Mark Warburton or it could be Gio – we don’t really know until he puts a few matches together what this boss is capable of.

But it’s his. A new era. A new man. A new style.

Walter sadly is gone, and that’s the past.

We need to win a new way, and hopefully Clement is the man to bring that.

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