A clean slate for Rangers as Philippe begins work

A clean slate for Rangers as Philippe begins work
Monacos Belgian head coach Philippe Clement looks on during the French L1 football match between FC Lorient and AS Monaco at Stade du Moustoir in Lorient, western France on January 11, 2023. (Photo by Damien Meyer / AFP) (Photo by DAMIEN MEYER/AFP via Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise regulars will be well aware that few of us on this site are big fans of James Tavernier or Connor Goldson.

We’re not saying anything more than that, but to add – it’s a clean slate now.

A truly clean slate.

A new manager is here, and he’s a good one. A manager who knows a player, and how to get the best out of him.

If Philippe Clement believes Tav, Goldson, Davies and Barisic is our best defence, and manages to make it work, you’ll not hear a peep of discontent from Ibrox Noise, only support.

And this goes further – Clement has a total tabula-rasa.

He has what he has inherited, but for us, from now, everything that went before is erased.

A lot of fans on Ibrox Noise say ‘he’s gone, move on ffs’, but Ibrox Noise would like to adopt this idea – that we work from now going forward.

Yes, we have some personal preferences we’d like to see enacted, but don’t we all?

Whatever Clement says and wants, we will go with, because he’s the boss and he has a track record of experience and success.

This is a guy we can trust in terms of his calibre – and if he thinks he can get a player out of Cyriel Dessers or turn Tav into Cafu, we’re behind him 100%.

We completely backed this signing, there’s no downside apart from his lack of experience in Scottish football.

But cream always rises to the top, and what he wants to do with the players he has is up to him.

If he thinks Tav is our best RB, fair enough, and maybe we’ll see a whole new Tav?

Point is, all bets are off and we start again.

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