“Simply sensational – 10” Rangers rated on Phil Clement’s debut

“Simply sensational – 10” Rangers rated on Phil Clement’s debut
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 21: Rangers Cyriel Dessers celebrates his teams fourth goal with Abdullah Sima during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Hibernian FC at Ibrox Stadium on October 21, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Philippe Clement’s Rangers reign couldn’t have gotten off to a better start at Ibrox as his superior hosts put 4 past in-form Hibernian without reply.

Ibrox Noise brings you our scores.


Didn’t have a single real thing to do, aside one easy clutch from a weak shot. Was exposed by an early chance but it came to nothing and in the end basically had his deckchair out. 6


Give him absolute credit, because a new manager may have instantly got another 50% out of him. Positioning was almost perfect, spent a huge amount of time in his own half defending and keeping shape, while getting forward with discipline and attempting 11 crosses. 3 were good. Overlapped well. If he keeps this up, as promised, Ibrox Noise will have zero issue with him in the future. 8


He was good, not immaculate, but good – attempted a lot of long balls and half of them made it, and defensively was mostly in the right position while also coming forward into midfield more than we’re used to. Clement is using this guy differently. 7


He was ok – yet to forge an understanding with Goldson and we’ll see in time if Clement can get that from him, but he did make 3 clearances and his passing was completely clean. 7


Was a bit caught on his heels but offered some running and long balls – he was a bit rusty overall and it did show. 6


This guy gets such a hard time but he had another big game. Strong in the tackle and taking no prisoners, Lunny offered plenty in the middle with breaking up play and is doing his chances no harm at all. 8


The goal was stunning and he made up for his poor comments lately with a great performance both defensively and offensively. He didn’t do much wrong. 8


Another one who gets a lot of stick, he hit the bar and got an assist, so he can hold his head high. Yes he’s a bit Bambi on ice, but he keeps working at it and we like his attitude. Got 4 shots, pity none went in. 7


Worked hard but his lack of quality showed and he didn’t really offer a lot in attack. He’s ok, and he tried to raise his game but he’s got limits. 6


Simply sensational. What a turnaround from this lad – two stunning goals, lots of overlapping and behind running, and he’s developing from a mess of a boy two months ago into Rangers’ best player these days. We’re thrilled for him and delighted to be so wrong about him. 10


He’s getting yet more stick from some throughout this match and yet there’s no grounds for it. His movement was excellent, he was getting in great positions, he was putting himself about, and he got a very nice goal. He’s become an unfair target for abuse and he doesn’t deserve any of it. Sorry guys, this guy is settling in and you’re just going to have to hate him for no reason. 5 shots, 3 on target and a goal – what the f*ck more do you want? 9


Yes, we rated Ridvan as a starter – he had most of the match so we’ve left Borna to one side here. Hope it’s not serious.


An outstanding assist, and it’s wonderful to see him back playing as we know he can. 8


Well this is one we looked forward to – Clement started much the same team as before, but the system was completely different. Shaped, organised, well-structured – we’re keeping this simple. If this is what the guy can do with a ramshackle squad over two days, Rangers fans have a lot to look forward to. 10

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