Rangers need to write Kemar Roofe off completely

Rangers need to write Kemar Roofe off completely
Won't be seeing this for a while....

With Kemar Roofe out for the foreseeable future, the Jamaican international’s integrity is once again called into question.

The information we had previously was his issues were as much mental as anything else, a sore finger and he was out for 6 weeks. We understood Rangers were working on trying to ship him out, an expensive failure of a signing – but it didn’t materialise and the perennial injury crock couldn’t be offloaded.

So here we are. Again. The same story of Roofe’s entire Rangers career – in for a few matches, out for a few months. 88 appearances since summer 2020 is a quite appalling return, and the exact same waste of money Filip Helander, at the same price, ended up being.

Roofe can feel incredibly fortunate his deal doesn’t expire till next summer, because Rangers would have freed him a long time ago had the contract allowed, as they did with Leon Balogun and Filip Helander for the same reasons.

Terrible value for money, pure and simple – Helander, like Roofe, set the club back £3M+ and Rangers got diddly squat back for that circa £7M investment.

Forget the goal in Belgium, and forget the decent 37 goals in 88 outings – what the boy has cost Rangers in medical treatment completely outweighs the benefits.

When a player is injured this many times, repeatedly, you have to wonder why. Is it attitude? We have heard rumours of alleged hypochondria, that if he feels so much as a tweak he’s out for 2 months, but of course we couldn’t possibly comment.

All we will say is Roofe really is a waste of time and money at Rangers. He has never been fit, never will be fit, and sooner he’s freed the better, and then we can all be outraged when he’s ever-present and never injured once at his next club.

Que sera.

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