Rangers fans are making some mental manager suggestions

Rangers fans are making some mental manager suggestions
LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 29: Blackpool manager Barry Ferguson during the Sky Bet Championship match between Queens Park Rangers and Blackpool at Loftus Road on March 29, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images)

Duncan Ferguson. Barry Ferguson. Neil McCann. We’ve even heard some mention of Steven Davis as well.

Can we just reiterate something to some of the fans who are making suggestions like these – every one of these is a managerial rookie, which is what hasn’t been working for 12 years.

Even Steven Gerrard, despite 55, didn’t actually work, because it took him 3 years and £35M to do it – rather than ‘stopping’ the 10, he actually nearly caused it because it was only 6 (or 7) when he took over. They continued to win the league despite his big spending. And it was a one off, as we’ve seen.

Some have said ‘Graeme Souness and Walter Smith were managerial rookies’ – and that’s partially true. But Souness wasn’t manager at all at Rangers, we’ve said this before, he admitted that Walter was the real boss the whole time, hence the permanent switch to Smith in 91 was absolutely seamless.

Smith himself? He won the-then first division (SPL now) and made the Euro Cup semi (the-then Champions League) as assistant to the outstanding Jim MacLean at Dundee Utd. He completely learned his trade there for almost a decade. So don’t tell us he was a rookie. And if you are going to make that tenuous claim, then he’s a one-in-a-million rookie that won’t happen again.

What Muscat, Potter, Knutsen (and Gio) et al have in common is that like Smith they won stuff. Whether as assistant or manager, they are and were winners.

Rangers need to win things, they need to have a winner – some of the mad suggestions from fans are absolute heart over head.

Rangers fans wanting Rangers men as manager, despite the absolute lack of experience for such a big role.

The perfect manager? Hard to find. He has to be a winner, an experienced winner, who has won like Gio had in Holland, and ideally, he’s a Rangers man who knows our club and knows what the pressure is like in Scotland.

Muscat is the closest bet at the moment of those identified, not that we’re 100% in favour of him yet.

But what is clear is bringing in yet another newbie would be just ridiculous, and some of Rangers fans’ suggestions, the same ones whining about Beale being a rookie and the wrong choice, is just football support at its most laughable.

We don’t want Beale because he isn’t experienced enough or a winner, but let’s have Barry Ferguson and Kevin Thomson. They’ll kick some backsides in there!

There is real emotion over logic here, and that’s why Rangers’ board must take its time to identify the right man who is the right stuff. No lazy stupid or ‘bold’ appointments, we want a proper winner. Someone we can trust, with a track record.

Preferably a Rangers man but it’s not critical – don’t have to be, Rodgers, Deila and Angie weren’t Celtic men particularly, but it worked out for them.

Any more noobs and we can just wave the white flag already.

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  1. Thanks for this, keep reading everyone shouting these names, but have they been paying attention for the last 8 year ?

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