Kevin Muscat emerges as clear Rangers fan favourite

Kevin Muscat emerges as clear Rangers fan favourite
HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM - MAY 01: Head coach Kevin Muscat of Yokohama F.Marinos instructs to Riku Yamane during the AFC Champions League Group H match between Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and Yokohama F.Marinos at Thong Nhat Stadium on May 1, 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. (Photo by Minh Hoang/Getty Images)

As we discussed earlier, a BBC poll had, bewilderingly, Ralph Hassenhuttl as Rangers’ fan-picked favourite for the Ibrox job, in a poll which has since, curiously, been removed from the BBC website.

Ibrox Noise was a bit dubious about these results, and we elected to run our own proper fan poll instead, and as we expected, the results were quite different.

We offered Gattuso, Hassenhuttl, Potter, Lampard, Davo, Muscat and McInnes as our options and of 1000 or so votes and counting, the early indications are that the BBC poll was way off.

In last place and no surprise, Davo with just 15 votes.

A whole bunch of names then show up with no real need to mention any of them until we get to the top 3.

In third place Norway’s Kjetil Knutsen with a modest 63 votes, in second place Graham Potter with 185 votes but miles ahead is indeed Kevin Muscat with an overwhelming 493 votes. Hassenhuttl was miles down.

This is all at the time of writing, these numbers are rising all the time (the poll wasn’t started terribly long ago), but what we know is that the people looking at the BBC content, since removed, were clearly not (all) Rangers fans.

The ones on Ibrox Noise clearly are, the vast majority anyway, and this shows it’s probably not valid to look at websites which cater for a general audience – as we say, the BBC poll has been since removed.

So it does seem Rangers fans favour Muscat, with nods towards Potter and Knutsen. And they really don’t want Hassenhuttl.

Do you agree with this? Is Muscat your man? Leave it in the comments.

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  1. I posted earlier on an article on here in regards to these rumors again about Muscat , please please please NO , he’s still wet behind the ears , a cheap option & still a rookie !!! That Japanese league is nothing like our league & why follow what celts did …..we would be seeking another coach within the year in my opinion …. Jansen would be a better choice with the names being battered about & Souness coming in as DOF

  2. Out of the ones that seem to be fan favourites at has to be Muscat but my choice is still Flick lol who no one else seems to agree with.

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