Nico Raskin’s comments aren’t acceptable, sorry Rangers fans

Nico Raskin’s comments aren’t acceptable, sorry Rangers fans
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 30: Nicolas Raskin of Rangers FC inspects the pitch prior to the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 30, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The Nico Raskin story is an interesting one – Ibrox Noise was not shy in slaughtering Alfredo Morelos for repeatedly talking up a move to the Premier League in England, something of course he failed miserably to get, and we equally weren’t thrilled with Glen Kamara bigging up an exit either.

So when Nico Raskin mentioned 6 months ago about his ultimate goal being to play for Chelsea, it raised an eyebrow, but he qualified it by saying how much he loved Rangers, how big a club we are, and how happy he was to be here. So we were fine with that, because he kept the Chelsea stuff to a minimum.

Unfortunately, his comments more recently are infinitely more misguided, and frankly a bit disrespectful. He said:

“One day I want to play in the Premier League, but I don’t put pressure on myself. I have a plan in my head, Rangers is just a stage in that.”

To dismiss Rangers as ‘just a stage’ is an insult. You can babble all you like about ‘ambition’ and ‘respect him’ for being honest, but that’s just b*ll*cks, sorry. Remember, Rangers actually saved this kid from the ignominy of the Liege reserves when he fell out with ex-manager Ronny Deila, so to now dismiss Rangers and all we’re giving him as ‘just a stage’ is extremely insulting.

He goes on:

“Rangers was the best choice at that time to realise my plan.”

Well thanks mate, actually that’s a load of sh*te, we were the only option on the table given you were consigned to playing with Belgian kids at the time.

It’s a pure lack of respect and courtesy, and our opinion of Raskin has massively changed.

Fellow Rangers site 4lads condemned him roundly, and their audience largely agreed with their assessment – Ibrox Noise put a poll out and our audience supported Raskin to 85%, which we completely don’t agree with.

Sorry folks, Raskin should not be insulting Rangers like this, and it’s not like he’s playing great football on the pitch to counter anything stupid he’s saying off it.

Any Rangers fans supporting his derision of our club really should look at themselves in the mirror with their magnanimous stuff about ‘we’re just a stepping stone these days’ and ‘at least he has ambition’.

When did some Rangers fans become so weak that they devalue our club and its gravity in this way?

While we admit the Premier League is a much better competition than the SPL, you won’t find many clubs in the UK who are bigger than Rangers, and Raskin won’t get any of them. Not unless he massively bucks up his form and improves a hell of a lot.

It’s quite the different tone to the ‘I really wanted to come to Rangers, they’re like a big brother to Standard’ rhetoric Raskin had when he first arrived. Now he’s coming out with twaddle about how we’re just a stepping stone to him.

Sorry, that attitude stinks and it’s sad to us to see any Rangers fan endorse it.

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