Old Rangers board has caused concerns for Philippe Clement

Old Rangers board has caused concerns for Philippe Clement
Monacos Belgian head coach Philippe Clement looks on during the French L1 football match between FC Lorient and AS Monaco at Stade du Moustoir in Lorient, western France on January 11, 2023. (Photo by Damien Meyer / AFP) (Photo by DAMIEN MEYER/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers’ managerial candidate Philippe Clement has a major misgiving about the club, thanks to the deplorable conduct and performance of Ross Wilson, Stewart Robertson and Douglas Park.

The ex-Sporting Director, Managing Director and chairman, respectively, set about massively damaging Rangers by not supporting then sacking Giovanni van Bronckhorst after barely a year, before making a dreadful successor to him in the form of Michael Beale who the subsequent board fired in even shorter time.

And therein lies the Belgian manager’s concerns – he looks unfavourably at that conduct, at those two extremely short reigns, and wants guarantees and longer-term security at Ibrox.

Rangers’ old board really damaged the club’s credibility – they turned the club into a bit of a basket case, and while this vastly-superior new board has done an excellent job of whittling the managerial search down to two top candidates, the echoes of their predecessors remains and now the top choice, Clement, is extremely wary of what went before.

Effectively, this new board had to clean up the old one’s mess, and is tarred with the brush they caused.

Clement sees those two ridiculously short reigns, and indeed, all the very brief managers Rangers have had over the past decade aside Steven Gerrard, and does not want to be out of a job inside a year.

He’s already been through that with Monaco, although his appointment there was more of a stopgap at the Principality than anything else – but ultimately he was only there 6 months.

And now his next job he wants to be a lot more long haul.

Indeed, Clement has only been manager at any club for 3 years at the most (Brugges), which is decent and he wants that kind of length or more at Rangers given our bad history for short-reign bosses the past decade.

We don’t blame him at all for wanting that. Job security is an important thing these days.

Is he the right man to commit a long-term future on? Well, he’s a lot more right than giving 4 years to Mick Beale.

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