Laughable attack on Philippe Clement and Rangers as tabloid makes it up

Laughable attack on Philippe Clement and Rangers as tabloid makes it up
The new manager arrives at Rangers (Credit Rangers FC)

It didn’t take long did it, for the s*n and Bill Leckie to attack Rangers and Philippe Clement. No sooner has the Belgian made his way to Ibrox and been appointed manager than the worst rag in Britain launches a broadside at him and the club, in what can only be described as the most bottom-feeding pandering to the ‘dark side’.

We’ve not read a word of it, only others’ summary of the content – and we’d never, EVER dirty our day by giving the s*n a click of either our time or effort, especially given that will earn them money, but what we’ve seen is laughable.

That, in summary, the boardroom was split over Clement and Rangers are ‘in trouble’ over a lack of ‘long term vision’ over the new manager.

Bill Leckie has absolutely no sources inside Ibrox. None. He is literally making this up based on some rumour speculation that the boardroom had a bit of debate over the final choice.

Well, no kidding! This wasn’t a quick fix decision, this was a massive, massive and significant process that even if every single board member agreed on Clement happily from the start, it still required major forensic examination and due process not to mention diligence.

Even if you know you have the right man, you still proofread, again, and again, to ensure you’ve not missed anything.

And Leckie is trying to cause mischief by claiming there’s ‘no long-term plan’.

With all due respect, most clubs don’t have a long-term plan – they have strategies in place for different eventualities because planning for several outcomes is vital in such a volatile world that is football. If you only have one major plan, you’re in trouble.

So to level this as a criticism at Rangers and Clement is completely laughable.

Rangers’ board made its choice, and Clement was the man. He will get the support he needs and he will do his job his way.

And no amount of tabloid rubbish changes that.

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