New Rangers boss Philippe Clement calls himself a ‘football animal’…

New Rangers boss Philippe Clement calls himself a ‘football animal’…
The new manager spoke today with the good news. Well, some good news...

New Rangers manager Philippe Clement’s first interview went down a storm with fans after the Belgian boss’s brilliantly-spoken introduction to himself and to his attitude.

Extolling the virtues of winning, and describing himself as a ‘football animal’, the former Genk manager was not shy about being honest about the state Rangers’ squad is in, while offering hope that he believes the squad is better than it is showing.

It was a very promising first public address from the new man at the top, and reeked of honesty, transparency, but also of winning.

But the most telling part of it was a subtle dig at Monaco, and his ‘least’ impressive spell as a manager, explaining that a major reason he’s come to Rangers is for full stadiums, and the pressure that brings, while suggesting Monaco’s ground was basically dead.

He said:

“A full stadium – it’s something I missed in my previous club (Monaco) that I had before in the other clubs (Genk, Brugge).”

This is such a good insight into the man’s psyche – he wasn’t content at Monaco, because the pressure wasn’t intense enough, and the stadium, Louis II, is legendarily modest and small. Compare that with 50,000+ Rangers fans at Ibrox and it’s clear that Rangers’ stunning home ground was a major draw for the manager.

But it wasn’t just this – the confidence there in his own self, in his style, and his belief he can sort this club out – he didn’t deliver it was second-hand car salesman arrogance, but with assurance, a belief in his own self, his intentions.

It must also be said Clement speaks impeccable English with clarity and distinction – says what he needs to say, doesn’t go cryptic like Gio and doesn’t say too much like Beale, but gives his message succinctly.

What he says in a press office is quite different to outright managing a club, of course, but it’s nice when you can respect a manager from the word go rather than already knowing he’s a bare-faced liar.

Welcome to Ibrox Philippe!

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