Ibrox Disaster graffiti and Hibs is just the tip of the iceberg

Ibrox Disaster graffiti and Hibs is just the tip of the iceberg
The abhorrent scenes at Ibrox.

Ibrox Noise has not discussed this topic yet, but the scrawlings of those diseased minds who sullied the Ibrox Disaster Memorial have been roundly condemned by all and sundry, and all we can say is this bottom-feeding vile behaviour serves as a desperately sad reminder that bile is out there, bad eggs fill society whichever colour of shirt they wear and it’s a deeply depressing state of affairs.

That Hibs fans would go up to that cherished plaque for Absent Friends and insult it with graffiti is just beyond football, beyond rivalry, and everything to do with pure mindless venomous hate which goes deep.

Scotland is a very hate-filled country, this is something we know – it began in 2012 with Rangers’ plight, then worsened with the tribalism of indyref, and while we know there’s always been horrible behaviour in this country going back decades, something more recently in tow with the rise of social media seems to have intensified the depraved and amplified the horror.

That a bunch of wee neds would think nothing of defacing a cherished monument to people who lost their lives shows just how morality is in the gutter these days.

Obviously we know Hibs and Rangers have taken action here, especially Hibs of course, with the club utterly condemning this.

We know there’s tribalism and rivalry, but when it seeps outside the game itself and tries to violate and break things we hold dear, it’s gone too far.

Of course, it’s ‘gone too far’ many times over – who can forget that shocker at St Mirren Park some years ago when home fans spat on an injured and unconscious fan of the visitors. Real classy.

But just when you think it can’t get worse, it does.


The ‘fans’ have been brought to task, we believe, and we have no idea what the repercussions are, but honestly, what these people need is to be educated.

Hurling them in a cell and throwing away the key is a bit crude, and there will be worse crimes in society than this, but it’s got to start somewhere.


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  1. It’s perhaps time to send the Oirish clubs back where they belong.
    If they’re so proud of their Oirish Heritage then let them ply their trade in the Emerald Isle!

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