Antonio Colak becomes first ex-Rangers player to publicly criticise Mick Beale

Antonio Colak becomes first ex-Rangers player to publicly criticise Mick Beale
EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS - AUGUST 24: Antonio Colak of Glasgow Rangers celebrates after scoring his team`s first goal with his teammate Thomas Lawrence of Glasgow Rangers during the UEFA Champions League Play-Off Second Leg match between PSV and Glasgow Rangers at Phillips Stadium on August 24, 2022 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. (Photo by Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images)

Just yet another reason to deeply dislike The Mick has surfaced with former Croat striker Antonio Colak admitting every fibre of him wanted to stay at Rangers for the rest of his career and not an inch of him wanted to leave.

In further damaging nonsense by the most malicious manager Rangers have ever had, the German-born striker, who says he’s enjoying life in Italy, revealed that he was basically shoddily-treated by the former ‘manager’ in what is the first real attack/criticism on the old boss from any player, and we wouldn’t be surprised if a few more surface now.

He said:

“When I left Rangers and watched the highlight reel of my goals the club made, I was really emotional watching it with my wife. When I arrived in Glasgow, I thought it could be the place I stayed for the rest of my career. But in football sometimes things are unpredictable. Of course, there was a moment where I was disappointed and said ‘I don’t want to leave’ but now I’m here in Parma having taken a new opportunity and life could not be better for me personally. My time at Rangers, however, it’s really, really unique.”

Under the lid, while he says life couldn’t be better personally, that means literally, in his personal life – he’s recently married, and we can’t deny quality of life in Italy is a bit better than it is in Glasgow. But professionally Colak hasn’t had the chances in Parma on the pitch he’d have wanted to, and has been overlooked most matches.

And he basically confesses Rangers is where he wants to be. And that Beale really didn’t give him anything like a fair crack at the whip:

“When a new manager comes in, things change. I think it was maybe something of an advantage for the other players who had already worked with him. When we started back after the World Cup break, I cannot really explain what happened. I wanted to come back as fast as possible. I worked day and night to be fit. Maybe sometimes you try too hard and then the chances don’t come or you get some minutes in what I call ‘Joker time’ at the end of games, when play is always broken up and you maybe only see five minutes as a substitute. It’s tricky to show off your qualities in these moments.”

The damage Beale did to Rangers is literally abysmal. Wasting so much money in the window, getting rid of great players, it was almost a deliberate sabotage of everything that was good about the club.

If only Scotty Arfield wasn’t so nice and gracious about things, he’d pipe up with a few crackers about that manager we’re sure.

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