Rangers: what on earth happened to Leon Balogun?

Rangers: what on earth happened to Leon Balogun?
All smiles in training, (Credit Rangers FC)

Where on earth is Leon Balogun, after the all-popular return of the big Nigerian went… frankly a bit south?

While many would make a (bad) argument that Goldson and Davies are Rangers’ best pair, few would make a believable argument that Balogun isn’t a good defender.

He and John Souttar formed an outstanding partnership earlier in the season when Goldson was injured and Davies was trying to force his move out of the club, and yet here we are, with Balogun consigned out of the European squad and not even on the bench, while Souttar is reduced to a sub.

Souttar came on at Ibrox in a curious chance of formation to a back three, but the Scot appears to have lost his place amid a growing myth among some curious Rangers fans who have decided Scotland’s best defender is ‘rubbish’ and to blame for every single goal Rangers conceded when he was in defence.

This is of course absolute nonsense, but some Rangers fans like a scapegoat and he’s become the fashionable new one – and it’s based on the missed header in Eindhoven and the defeat to Killie.

Long-forgotten was Rangers’ best defence – he and Balogun v Livi in which the visitors didn’t have a sniff. Put Souttar next to Goldson and it’s a different story.

Butland is the reason Goldson and Davies haven’t been leaking goals recently – the goalie has had to be in outstanding form.

Not recall in the earlier games we couldn’t really judge or rate Butland because he barely had a save to make?

That was due to Balogun and Souttar.

But now he’s having to do a tonne more.

It’s just one of many decisions we don’t quite understand under this manager, and probably never will.

Balogun must be wishing he’d not bothered ‘coming home’ after all.

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  1. The best defence would be Butland, Sterling, Balogun, Souttar, Yilmaz. Balogun and Souttar are both stronger, quicker and just better all round defenders than Goldson and Davies. Sterling might no be as quick but hes much better defender than Tav, Yilmaz can actually tackle where Borna just backs off and trys to show the attacker down the line which does work when you actually tackle but Borna never does. I used to try and back Beale but he continues to pick all the wrong players and system.

  2. Balogun is a top defender. He partners well with Souttar both good in the air and can play too. Beale will eventually get punted but at what cost .

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