Rangers: Richard Foster’s comments on Balogun are absolutely horrific

Rangers: Richard Foster’s comments on Balogun are absolutely horrific
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 12 : Nadir Ciftci of Dundee United chases Richard Foster of Rangers during the William Hill Scottish Cup Semi Final between Rangers and Dundee United at Ibrox Stadium on April 12, 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

We have to address Richard Foster’s absolutely hilarious Leon Balogun comments, seized upon by ‘Rangers’ sites for clickbait purposes, as the ex-Rangers right-back demonstrates his final and complete transition into the SMSM with absurdly anti-Rangers views in exchange for a wage.

His comments on Balogun in full:

“I’m going to upset a lot of people here – but I do that no matter what I say. I think it’s a bit desperate from them (Rangers). I was never fully convinced with Balogun when he was here. Initially I gave him an allowance because I thought he was younger. I didn’t realise he was in his thirties. I think he makes a lot of mistakes and he doesn’t look composed when you compare him to Connor Goldson who for me is a very good defender. He’s composed and has a presence about him – and I don’t think that Balogun brings that. He brings a nervousness to the Rangers defence when he plays, from the outside looking in.”

Have we ever seen a more preposterous piece of punditing than this? It’s hard to even know where to begin with this literal nonsense, which sounds like it was written by a mentalist on Kerrydale St or something, but in fact was his spoken word on Radio Scotland in response to Liam Macleod.

Now, we know Rangers and the BBC have mended a lot of bridges recently, and the relationship is much better than it once was, and we also know individual pundits are entitled to their views no matter what those views are.

But the absolute drivel Foster has produced here suggests a few things:

1: He was drunk.
2: He’s now a Celtic fan.

Nah we’ve not got anything else. Now we know he’s not an overly popular ex-Ranger in the first place, a lot of fans have no time for him and consider him anti-Rangers despite playing for us twice, and bewilderingly his missus is a die-hard Bluenose as we know so it’s certainly a dichotomy.

So in the end we can only shake our head at the absolute garbage he’s come out with here, either a case of mistaken identity or he’s just crazy.

Or maybe both?

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  1. I bet Ami Macdonald will be raging at this garbage . He’s obviously just saying any slash to get paid . If true he’ll get pelters that’s for sure . Mind you the BBC employ some 2nd class individuals to speak about so called Scottish Football.

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