Rangers fans react amid Michael Beale no-show at presser

Rangers fans react amid Michael Beale no-show at presser
Banfield wasn't in form at all today....

A Michael Beale no-show at today’s pre-Livi presser did nothing to quell the rumblings around the manager, but it must also be remembered that Neil Banfield, who took media duties instead, also took them pre-Morton and is on League Cup duties for the club.

So in effect on this one at least, there is nothing to see, per se, but at the same time, it could be argued that Beale should have been there given the discontent following such a horrible performance against Motherwell which he himself admitted was ‘concerning’.

The vibe around Rangers right now is not great, with poor performances and a marginally over 50% win ratio for the season (7 wins of 13 matches) is doing little to persuade supporters of Beale’s appropriateness for the Ibrox role he currently occupies, and while Banfield does the cup media stuff, Beale might have wisely elected to do this one himself.

Fans have not reacted well that he didn’t.

Of course, if he had, the whining would have been about the nonsense he talks and how fans can’t ‘bear to listen to him these days’ which is just another complaint about the game of FM 2024 he’s playing – so in many respects he can’t win.

But that’s the problem – such a bad period for the club has in many ways been brought on by a bad manager out of his depth, but he’s cultivated this, created it, and he’s now in multiple respects the epitome of ‘you’ve made your bed’. So you reap what you sow, and he’s very much done the planting.

Many Rangers fans will use any stick they can to beat Beale with, and the poll we offered you the results of yesterday still runs, and has doubled in size of the sample response, with much the same score at the end of it.

Beale is on very, very thin ice now, and we are rather aware that failure to overcome Livi tomorrow could and maybe would be the end for him.

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