Rangers assistant Neil Banfield admits he doesn’t have a clue what formation is being used

Rangers assistant Neil Banfield admits he doesn’t have a clue what formation is being used
He didn't offer the most assuring comments... (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers assistant Neil Banfield has summed up the current disconnect between Michael Beale, himself and the fans, after claiming Scott Wright as ‘outstanding’ and that the squad they’ve built is strong, despite empirical evidence to the contrary, while admitting he doesn’t have a clue what the formation is.

Speaking before Livi tomorrow night, the assistant claimed the squad and club are in a good place, effectively, even if he’s aware performances aren’t the best.

He said:

“Scott Wright came on at the weekend and did outstandingly well for the team, so it’s great for him.”

Wright’s performance was as mediocre as anyone else – he managed just two dribbles, was hooked off at 67 minutes and only managed a single shot off target. To claim he was ‘outstanding’ is literally delusional.

He went on:

“We have prepared for this, we deal with it. With the injuries, you know you have built a strong squad and it is time for players to come into the team and they take us into the semi-final.”

Well Livi might have a bit of a something to say about that Neil, this is naïve language which says, without any hint of humility, that we will beat Livi.

Plus there isn’t, as we alluded to earlier, a lot of evidence Beale, or ‘we’ have built anything like a strong squad.

It is an imbalanced squad, a group of higglety pigglety-assembled players which have no cohesion or system.

And on that, Banfield offered the following ‘wisdom’:

“I am not sure about selection or formation. I think the squad that we have got, it is difficult when you have got three games every week. You have to prepare properly. We have got the way we like to play, the players are all used to that now. We won on Sunday, we move onto the next game and we want to win in the quarter-final on Wednesday night.”

Well if the assistant manager doesn’t have a clue what the system is, says it all, really.

This Rangers regime literally ‘does not know what it is doing’.

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  1. Shocking again , he replaced Beale Slaver with clueless pointless soundbites of drivel. Its embarrassing. What does James Bisgrove think of all of this so far he must be raging as its totally opposite to his competent and positive views . The serious point is once it finally hits home that Beale and Co are a mess well be so far away from 57 again .Not good .

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