An Ibrox Noise Statement

An Ibrox Noise Statement
He's not doing a great job....

Ibrox Noise’s recent output has been incessantly negative, and yet we’ve had a lot of private communication from fans deeply in depressing agreement with us.

We’ve also had a tonne of public support for our views, which is hearting to see that Rangers fans aren’t willing to accept the dross we are currently suffering.

See, Ibrox Noise doesn’t want to be whining 24/7.

Eagle-eyed readers with good memories will remember our joy at 55, our excitement at Sevilla, our crushing despair at that result, and indeed any good thing we’ve seen in the past 12 years since Ibrox Noise’s inception we’ve latched upon and bigged up.

We’ve possibly gone a bit OTT with the odd bright thing now and then (we were ecstatic to see Aaron Ramsey…), but this is the nature of a real fan, and not the ‘neutral’ nonsense you might see from others.

As a news source, we do our best to bring you stories without adding emotion where we can avoid it, but we’re like you – we’re emotional football fans and while nevertheless adding a journalistic balance to our content, our love for the club often takes over.

Which is why we’ve been so unerring negative lately.

We absolutely do not want to be publishing content which criticises Rangers – but we know a huge, huge majority of you are relating to the stuff we are saying.

Which, of course, comes with honesty and from the heart.

Whether it’s tactical European analysis or player ratings, all the output you see is a combination of fact and emotion.

As football fans, it’s hard to escape the latter, and essential to include the former in order to be fair and accurate.

And that’s why pumping out whine after complaint about Rangers is not what we want to be doing.

Some of our most popular content was during 55 – Ibrox Noise thrived when things were good, and things went mental during Sevilla. It went bonkers when we qualified for the Champions League.

So it’s not like we want to be grumpy.

But as things stand, this Rangers regime gives us little fuel for joy.

The life is sucking out of our club, there’s little blue blood to see in the squad/management, and fans are evidently sick and fed up of such a substandard side managed by a man out of his depth.

We don’t want to be telling you this.

But unfortunately, the horrible nature of our club at the moment is hard to ignore.

Many fans have said the atmosphere around Rangers right now is deeply toxic – and that is sad, because it is.

Some might say Ibrox Noise is part of causing that, but we’re only being honest.

We just yearn, like you, for a Rangers that wins, that wins trophies, 56, and that does our proud club some credit in the Champions League.

Unfortunately we’re miles off that, and that’s well below what Rangers fans should be privy to.

It’s only fair that we don’t pull wool over your eyes and claim otherwise.

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