Rangers’ board’s silence is not helping Ibrox fans

Rangers’ board’s silence is not helping Ibrox fans
Rangers' boss trying to clear up a few things....

If one thing has been absolutely conspicuous in the past week, it’s been Rangers’ board’s silence. Criticised by Heart & Hand for failing to either back or sack Michael Beale, their absolute tumbleweed response to Rangers’ poor loss last weekend itself has spoken volumes, and while we have a lot of time for this new board, at the moment it’s very telling how little they’ve said.

There is a massive amount of toxicity flowing around Rangers right now, with Beale dividing fans at best and at worst being distinctly disliked, and the board could have done a lot more to put Rangers fans’ minds more at ease by at least acknowledging things aren’t great right now.

Instead it’s been silence.


We believe they are evaluating the manager’s position and will make some announcement in due course, whether it’s the dreaded vote of confidence in Beale, or the exact opposite and his departure from the club.

But for now, their silence is certainly deafening.

It does rather bring into question the claims about fan transparency that new CEO James Bisgrove proudly announced when he was appointed in the Spring – this is precisely the kind of situation Bisgrove and co need to be more proactive with the communication in, but as things stand, they seem to be like every previous Rangers board in recent memory – out of touch with fans and uncommunicative.

We do have time for Bisgrove – he’s very good at his job, but he’s not a Rangers man, learning quickly on the job more and more of what that means, but it’s far from in his bloody. Bennett is a Rangers man, and has dumped his business life apparently so he can run Rangers hands-on full time.

So we’re not exactly in unsafe hands.

But it’s more than a bit bothersome seeing the level of unrest with supporters right now and no attempt by the board to quell it, to calm it down.

They need to do a bit better than this.

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  1. What about H.Flick, just got the sack with Germany, might be looking for a new job the same time Beale is. Or would he be out of our reach ?

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