Rangers sources: Beale meets Bennett and Bisgrove

Rangers sources: Beale meets Bennett and Bisgrove
Where are Rangers going now...

With regards Rangers’ managerial situation, it is now understood there was absolutely a meeting between manager Michael Beale, CEO James Bisgrove and chairman John Bennett.

What it looks like for sure is that these men agreed that there is a lack of consensus among them about how this club should be run. A major problem for Beale is his disregard for a Director of Football, while both CEO and Chairman desperately want one – David Weir has been one name mooted.

Now, the curiosity is Beale worked under one in Les Ferdinand at QPR, and we don’t know how that one panned out, but his reticence to work with one now suggests it’s a position he doesn’t want filled, and he has actually been rather vocal in the press as well about how apathetic he is regarding an SD.

And it’s a sticking point, because B&B want one.

Ultimately, they have the authority to employ and hire who and what they want, Beale can only express his opinion.

And if he’s having a Director of Football forced on him against his wishes, it’s a clear rock and hard place.

His unfollowing the Insta account and changing his pic to QPR was bewildering at best, but was it a message that he’s in a huff with the board?

They supported him entirely this summer, giving him £16M to spend and not blocking the exits of any players he wanted rid of.

But the competitive results have simply not been good enough and the team isn’t playing close to well, reducing Michael Beale’s negotiating powers somewhat.

There are varying sources of information right now – some claim he is 100% gone, others suggest it’s deadlock in terms of these negotiations.

Right now we do not know for sure, but the Beale Revolution really hasn’t worked, even if his win percentage last season was among the very best in Old Firm history.

That was effectively with Gio/Gerrard’s team, Cantwell and Raskin.

This season, a sub-50% win rate with his own men rather shows a problem to say the least.

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  1. Sounds to me that Beale has gotten too big for his boots already.
    He has already thrown the baby out with the bath water and left us with a team that will finish closer to third than first if something drastic is not done soon. If our board want to employ a DF then they should get on with it, that is their responsibility as the club custodians, or they can risk showing themselves to be complicit in this regression.

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