Alfredo Morelos finally finds life after Rangers and says goodbye

Alfredo Morelos finally finds life after Rangers and says goodbye
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 15: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates scoring his team's third goal during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and St. Mirren FC at on April 15, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Alfredo Morelos FINALLY got his move, 3 months in the making and the Colombian offered a goodbye to Rangers fans while he was at it.

What does Ibrox Noise make of all of it?

For 6 years Alfredo Morelos spoke up his desire to play in the Premier League, and while not overtly talking up his Rangers exit, well, one is effectively the other, no? At the least, Morelos wanted a top European league, a top five league.

Unfortunately for Alfie, not a single club in any of Europe’s top five or six leagues was genuinely interested in the end, with all of them having massive hangups about his attitude and fitness. He ended up settling for Turkey but even they said no for the same reason.

So he ends up back in his home continent of South America, getting an admittedly big club (Santos are huge) but completely in the wrong part of the world for his ambitions.

No player wants to move ‘back home’ to South America – it’s an admission of failure, especially at that age, that they couldn’t crack the European egg, and had to go home with their tail between their legs.

Now, there is his goodbye, which is clearly very heartfelt and sincere – he means what he says in it, but the problem with it is that the relevant stuff applies to three years ago, and not the past two+ seasons. He’s spinning a positive on what ended up being a very poor three years.

Morelos could have been so so much more than what he’s ended up being. His stock in Europe, in 2020, was sky high, and teams were absolutely looking at him – the £16.5M move to Lille should have been his, but Stewart Robertson made a big boob in turning it down. Lille went onto win the league that season and hit spectacular form.

And Morelos now? He’s languishing back in a pretty dead league at an age he should be thriving in Europe.

It’s a sorry tale. The boy has talent. He has power. He has goals. He is a very good player in the mood and top European sides have fallen to him.

But his attitude ruined it for him, a total lack of professionalism has placed him back home in South America.

Do we wish him ill? Of course not – Rangers and Morelos went on a massive journey together and he is not a bad soul.

He’s just misguided. Maybe this lesson will teach him humility and make him grow up – it’s not too late for him to realise his potential, and possibly, maybe, the world will see the true Morelos one day in his dream of the Premier League.

Only he can make that happen.

But we wish him well.

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  1. I honestly wish the Buffalo was still with us, the boy can score in Europe and look at the complete team of cowboys we have playing for us now, it’s heartbreaking and l have that si king feeling that Beale will still be with us this time next year…. all because we have the best chance of winning the diddy league cup and zero else

  2. I have to agree with Jak49 even a Fat Buffalo is far better than the Three Stoogees . He would always score. I also unfortunately agree the the dud Beale will be here for a while longer .

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