63% of Rangers fans polled believe Cyriel Dessers will ‘come good’…

63% of Rangers fans polled believe Cyriel Dessers will ‘come good’…
Rangers' Belgian-born Nigerian striker #09 Cyriel Dessers celebrates at the end of the UEFA Europa League group C football match between Glasgow Rangers and Real Betis at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, on September 21, 2023. Glasgow Rangers won 1 - 0 against Real Betis. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise earlier ran a poll on Cyriel Dessers, asking the readers their overall opinion of the Rangers striker, and the majority 63% reported they believed him to come good, with 37% believing he’s a bad signing.

Ibrox Noise is a little on the fence with this one – gone is the Nigerian international’s happy smile from his original arrival, and instead the ex-Cremonese man cuts an extremely frustrated figure now.

It’s safe to say his Rangers career hasn’t quite got going yet, and yet despite this, like Sima, Dessers has had some big moments in some big matches, particularly that stunning assist for Rabbi Matondo v PSV. He also managed one for Sima as well in the same match.

And if we actually look at his numbers, it’s 6 assists and goals in 12 matches – which, unfortunately for the haters, is a fairly strong return, even if he’s probably not got the goals tally he’d want.

Assists are worth just as much as goals are, and while he wasn’t strictly signed for assists and they’re not the primary currency of a number 9, nevertheless Dessers’ numbers are not a fail.

Just like Ibrox Noise’s ‘shock’ praise of Rangers’ defence earlier, we deal in facts here on this site, and while Dessers isn’t Mr Popular among the fans yet, there’s no question his numbers, his raw contribution just isn’t a fail.

Yes, against Livi he did have an off night, and we’ve hardly been kind to him on Ibrox Noise, but we also have to recognise that his goals and assists being 1 in 2 overall is not the worst.

If we compare, for example, his return with the mega-hyped Danilo, who has just 3 goals in 10 appearances, and has missed countless open goals, there’s no doubt which one has been a better acquisition so far.

Has he been an outright good signing – not yet, but Dessers has done enough while cutting an isolated figure to suggest that he will give a lot more once he’s properly settled in and happier with his role.

He’s not yet in tune with the team, and despite that he’s given more than many realise.

Hopefully we’ll see the best of him soon.

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  1. Hes a bad signing. Hes everything i hate in a striker, hes slow and bad first touch, cant dribble. He does work hard. But whats the point in a striker that only does that. Always prefered my strikers to have a bit of pace about him to get away from defenders. If Lammers could finish hed be perfect but he cant finish either but at least he can beat a man and can dribble. Dessers can do nothing.

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