“Best match yet – 9” Rangers players rated v Livingston

“Best match yet – 9” Rangers players rated v Livingston
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 27: Ridvan Yilmaz of Rangers celebrates after he scores his team's second goal during the Viaplay Cup match between Rangers and Livingston at Ibrox Stadium on September 27, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Well this is one of the more interesting player ratings Ibrox Noise has been involved in in recent times, and we’re delighted to say there’s a much better feeling around everything Rangers as a result of a good drubbing of Livi again, even if it took the team a long time to get properly going.

Here’s our ratings for a very intriguing night in Govan:


Had absolutely squat to do. A few kicks and watching the odd off-target shot, Butland was a virtual spectactor. N/A


Involved a fair bit, tried to add width and offered more in the second half, setting up Jacko for a rare goal. Was only sparingly tested at the back. This is the second match in a row Ibrox Noise has been able to give Tav some credit. 7


Was guilty of too much slow play at the rear, a lot of aimless passing back and forth, but wasn’t pushed much as a defensive force and didn’t really have much to say. 6


Same as Goldson almost entirely – a quiet night for both of them, and once again this unpopular duo receives a clean sheet. It’s hard to keep whining about no Balogun and Souttar when Davies and Goldson keep getting shut outs. 6


Took him a while to get going, and we hope his injury isn’t serious, but he offered great width when he motored up and of course his goal was one of the best you’ll see. 8


He’s been hitting a bit of form in recent times, and that continued with another solid performance. There’s no much to say about him, he isn’t the best on earth any more, but he’s not letting the side down and his passing, which crashed last season, has improved a lot again. Technically he ‘assisted’ Ridvan! 7


This guy has some range on him – he’s not quite yet asserting himself but he sure sees runs and movement and tries to find it. A good night from him, as he finds his feet. 7


A rare start from Jack, he could be seen high-octane from the start but then faded as his lack of minutes recently told. But he’ll be delighted with the goal. 7


He really does have some nice touches, but he lacks end product a lot and is a bit too eager to impress. It’s very clear why he doesn’t score or assist, but he does a lot of dirty work. 6


Another poor night from Roofe, who offered very little. After all the hype over him, that’s three in a row he’s made no impression on and was hooked at half time. 4


This is the one you waited for, isn’t it! Yes, Sima, who Ibrox Noise was obnoxiously against when he arrived, produced two goals – one was a belter but a clear foul and should have been ruled out, the other was an OG and he couldn’t really claim it. But he keeps on having these big moments, and he works WAY harder for the team than Sakala ever did. He only ever worked for himself. Sima is growing on us, and he’s also improving. This was his best match yet and he can be quite darn happy with himself. 9



Got a sort of assist of all things, so he can be content with his contribution for sure, but he might be feeling the threat of Ridvan again. Assuming the Turk isn’t injured (again). 6

None of the rest of the subs made anything significant and Dessers was abysmal again.


Michael Beale produced 100% the same performance he did last time v Livi. A fast start, a horrible fade between 20 and 65 minutes, before the side rattled in the goals. The football in the middle was horrible – aimless passing, and few chances, and his HT team talk did nothing to change it. Only Ridvan’s moment of genius did, and the side ran out comfy winners after that. We’re no more convinced Beale is the right man for Rangers than before, but his side won 4-0 and you can’t really complain about that. 7

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