Rangers player & manager ratings following Livi win

Rangers player & manager ratings following Livi win
Danilo celebrates his fine goal (Credit Rangers FC)

Michael Beale and Rangers fans will be relieved at a comfortable 90 minutes at last in which Rangers’ dominance was rewarded with goals.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings for all men involved:


Had two big saves to make, and will be delighted to have had a chance at last to properly show a little of what he can do. Was big, vocal, and clean with his kicking. This wasn’t Real Madrid by any means but we finally saw a bit of the Real Jack Butland. And it was very good. 8


His crossing was horrible, save one decent effort that Dessers wasted, and defensively wasn’t overly tested. What he did was acceptable enough, and he formed a bit of an understanding with Cifuentes, but his form is evidently well below the necessary level, and his continued pulling of rank on set plays (his free kick was deeply wasteful when Borna was loitering with intent) is depressing. 6


Simply the Best defender we have – reads the game impeccably and has become undroppable. Michael Beale would be foolish to ever leave this guy out if he’s fit. One outstanding block/interception summed him up. 9


Simply the Best other defender we have, a titanic performance from Balogun, big, strong, reading the ball impeccably and was onto everything. His power is immense and so is his pace. This is why we wanted him back. Livi got little change from this duo. 9


Superb assist yet again, with the Croat enjoying a little burst of form. That’s two in a row he’s stood out in, and while some of his defending wasn’t impeccable, v Livi on this day it didn’t need to be, and he still managed a tonne of good work at the back. 8


The weakest performer in midfield, Raskin was quiet again, offering little in the way of cover and not providing much going forward. He looks tired already, having played a summer with his country. He’s been weak since he returned, unfortunately. And we do love him – maybe needs a little rest. 6


We knew that cameo was no fluke – it’s all effortless to Jose, who’s strong on the ball, got great vision, and reads the play impeccably. His early cross for Dessers summed up his football intelligence. He’s already clearly an outstanding signing – very unfortunate to lose that goal but it was a handball. 8


He’s being targeted now, his talent clear and opponents are putting the marker on him. Fouled a fair few times, Cantwell’s contribution to the opening goal was huge, and some of the deft touches, flicks and moves are just oozing of class. He’s definitely right back in form. 8


Aside his goal, offered absolutely nothing, unfortunately. Missed another open goal and was subdued entirely. Didn’t look like he knew what he was supposed to be doing in this system. 5


He definitely tries too hard, but there was improvement here, his goal helping his confidence. His passing is hit and miss, but he was a lot more in tune with the others this time. He can be happy with the improvement. 7


Michael Beale will really be hoping this guy clicks into gear soon because, aside one excellent read and shot from that Cifuentes cross, he offered absolutely squat. He looks frustrated, out of sync, and for a pure hitman only managed two shots – neither were on target. Lost the ball too much. 5



He will be thrilled with his goal, but he didn’t do a lot else in truth. But hey, he scored for the Famous so we’ll take it. 6


Now here’s a story. An assist, just one bad pass, two big dribbles, and won a foul. Was this the arrival of Rabbi Matondo at last, over a year after he signed? He can be thrilled with himself from this one. 8


Came on late and scored a goal – a cameo doesn’t get much better. 7


This one made us confused – was he RB with Tavernier shoved up? Or what, because they both seemed to be playing the same position. This was a wee bit messy here. n/a


Finally, Michael Beale proved us wrong and didn’t pick a rotten XI – he in fact picked two players shy, maybe even one shy of his strongest team and we had few complaints when we saw the selection. And we had a feeling it would deliver. And it absolutely did. The system remains a bit suspect, a few players aren’t feeling it, Raskin and Dessers might be two, Lammers another, but the overall performance was great and much more like what he’d want. The Sima and Matondo sub seemed very weird but both players vindicated their introduction. The scoreline reflected the superiority of the home side. At last, a result and a performance. We’re a bit relieved. 8

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  1. Been waiting on these, probably only 1 I would disagree with is Tav just a 5 from me. Loving Cifuentes he definitely shored up the midfield. His movement on & off the ball was great his creativity and vision, already showing his class a bit of a bargain. 💙💙

  2. Love the ratings part. Agree with all apart from Lammers. I think he played better than Dessers so would give him a 6.

  3. Happy with most of the scoring, think Dessers and Tav the worst of them rather than Lammers. Would like to see Sterling get a run at RB, couple still have significant improvement to make but look capable of doing it. We are getting there but the time is running out

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