Rangers fans have made an overwhelming decision on Michael Beale

Rangers fans have made an overwhelming decision on Michael Beale
He's almost entirely happy. Almost....

Rangers fans have voted overwhelmingly to back Michael Beale as the beleaguered Rangers boss struggles off the back of a disastrous opening day defeat to Kilmarnock, with things getting no easier on Wednesday.

After a rotten preseason was followed by a shambles in Rugby Park, the cocky smile was wiped off Michael Beale’s face and he cut a grim figure after this one.

But Rangers fans have voted to support him completely, given frankly we don’t have much choice really.

In an Ibrox Noise poll (1600+ votes sample size thus far) 1,100+ fans voted to stick with the manager, while 227 were not sure and only 193 wanted him gone.

Now these are interesting numbers – Ibrox Noise has often talked about the ‘noisy minority’ whereby a loud group of fans make their view heard more than others, giving a distorted perception of general numbers because of their aggression, and after Killie Ibrox Noise was inundated with Beale Out and ‘bad appointment’-type comments.

But in this actual poll, that sentiment isn’t there, and it’s the quiet majority who speak up, and overwhelmingly want Beale to remain as boss and fix his mess.

We agree with this.

Do we trust him? Nope. Do we have faith in him? Nope. But we support him, and we want him to get this right because it will be a duffer of a season if he doesn’t. And we’ll be sycophantic and fickle idol worshippers of the man if he vindicates that.

Rangers need this to work, he’s spent a small fortune making it happen, and while it’s technically one win of 5 in his first 5 matches this season, a quick upturn sees it change.

But the fans have spoken anyway.

Give him time.

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