Rangers players rated v Kilmarnock on horror show at Rugby Park

Rangers players rated v Kilmarnock on horror show at Rugby Park
Kieran Dowell in action v Killie (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers’ league hopes are already doused massively after a dreadful start to the season with a humbling loss on Michael Beale’s maiden opener.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings on a horror afternoon at Rugby Park.


Our best player, sadly, quick to every ball, read the lines well, had no chance with the goal, and stopped this being any worse. By no means incredible but showed why we signed him. 7


Incredibly wasn’t actually to blame in any way for the goal, but offered nothing as an attacker, and as usual insisted on taking every set piece. Just his usual ineffective performance and was miles out of position constantly. Looked like he doesn’t want to be at Rangers any more. 4


Inexplicably walked out of harm’s way for the goal – hugely culpable for opening a huge hole up in defence – thrown straight in v Killie after 6 months out was never going to end well and shied away from everything. The ducker is finding a new way to avoid defending. 3


Got caught at his feet for the goal, but that was his only error – Goldson pretty much let this guy do everything, and the boy ended up having to work for two men. Just like he did with Davies too. 6


Looks like he doesn’t want to be there any more than Tav does, it was a quiet and disinterested display from the Croat. 4


He actually showed some pace, and a bit of gumption about him, but let Lyons get goal side and was poor for the goal. But like Souttar that was about his only error. Was a doozy of an error though. 6


Usual heart from him but generally a much more conservative performance from the Belgian. Didn’t really get into the guts of the game like he should. 5


We signed a midtable Championship player, and that’s what he is. Ordinary display, nothing special. 4


Had a bright first 10 minutes with one decent dribble through on goal then a bizarre flick, but that was it. He’s been 90% dire since arriving. 3


Our best outfield player, he showed poise, class, technical competence and a lot of leadership. Very fluid on the ball and tried to make things happen around him. But the rest just didn’t help him. 7


Christ, he’s struggling. He’s not done a single thing right since joining us, and he’s being starved of service anyway. 2



Oh he looks a shadow of last season. He’s been woeful in preseason (not helped by Beale’s mismanagement of him) and he might be believing his own hype now. Poor cameo and a bit arrogant really. 2


What was a past-it Ryan Jack ever going to do here? 2


Missed open goal and was offside in the process. 2


One nice touch but otherwise he’s surely only here for the £40K a week he gets. 3


Not one Rangers fan backed the starting XI selection from Michael Beale, including Ibrox Noise, who were shocked by the pick from the boss but we kept quiet out of support and the hope we were wrong. Cut a frustrated figure, made random substitutions and looked like he didn’t know what he was doing. In Beale We Trust? No, he may already have cost us the league. 0

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  1. Thought we looked like a standard SPFL side today, like a Motherwell or something. Even towards the end you seen Butland screaming at his players to move out and they just all stood around lack of movement. Lammers, Butland, Souttar, and Lundstrum looked decent, the rest were pathetic.

  2. Can’t argue with any of that . Everybody it seems apart from Beale knew that Killie would play 9 or 10 behind the ball and fill the box with effort and desire ffs . Beale picked the wrong team which is no surprise given the mess he made of the preseason. It was shapeless clueless and lacked everything that is needed to be champions . I disagree slightly on Lundstram he contributed nothing . Goldson is a liability . Tav is done. Barasic doesn’t even want to be on the field . Roofe really . Disgusted and so annoyed with that performance. Beale has maybe 5/6 games or he needs to go.

  3. Not one to normally be negative after 1 poor result but today was atrocious. The selection was all wrong, tactics were off and after the 1st 10/15 min we looked out of ideas. Completely agree with the ratings IN. Hopefully an improvement mid-week now

  4. I’ve been dying to read the players ratings. Generous to Tav, Goldson & Luny. I don’t get this 4-3-3 we should be playing 4-4-2 or if we had a strong back 3 a 3-5-2 or 3-4-3. Cantwell starting on the bench ffs this system does not suit playing him & Lammers together. It’s no coincidence that so far Raskin & Cantwell’s ratings have dropped compared to last Season and it’s because their linkup play is what brought the team at least a bit of success in playing terms. For the life of me I just don’t see any sort of cohesion. Just when I had a bit of hope and genuine excitement now I’m bewildered at best. 💙💙

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