Mick Beale has made a steaming mess of Rangers – now he’s got to fix it

Mick Beale has made a steaming mess of Rangers – now he’s got to fix it
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 30: Michael Beale, Manager of Rangers, reacts during the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 30, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise absolutely admits we bought into Michael Beale in a big way off the back of his QPR results and the 55 aspect. At QPR he was defying the odds and had them second top only a few matches in, while his systems and coaching won Rangers 55, in part.

But there’s a massive difference between the expectations at Loftus Road and the expectations at Ibrox and there’s no question Michael Beale is already under massive pressure as a result of a dreadful preseason and an opening day ‘performance’ at Rugby Park with his Rangers that mirrored every inch of the dross we’d seen earlier this summer.

The lethargic, disinterested and incoherent shambles the visiting players delivered was exactly what Ibrox Noise expected in light of the repeatedly bewildering decisions this manager has taken every step of the way since becoming boss.

The defenders of him always pointed at Nico Raskin and Todd Cantwell as evidence we could trust the man to deliver in the summer, but when one sells a £2.5M striker in Colak because he doesn’t ‘fit in with his system’ but then spends £6M on the same striker in Dessers, leaving Rangers at a £3.5M deficit and a player who now has to work to get up to speed, unlike Colak who was ready to go, it makes one wonder what is actually going on in Beale’s head.

We defended the signing of Beale based on QPR and 55, but we completely underestimated the pressure of Ibrox in comparison with the relative walk in the park in London, and the lesser pressure a 55 assistant withstood compared with Steven Gerrard.

So did we at Ibrox Noise get Michael Beale wrong?

In part, yes. Firstly he’s a complete fabricator who wouldn’t know honesty if it punched him in the face and spat at him. Secondly he is guilty of being the modern ‘coach’ with data, jargon, buzzwords and a lot of BS without any actual tangible gameplan which makes sense.

It’s as if he’s been playing Football Manager 2023 on Easy all his life and now Rangers have arrived in ‘Extreme’ mode and he’s out of his depth with the difficulty setting.

Thing is, we were 100% onside with Beale up till the 2-2. That’s the day it changed. He willingly and inexplicably hijacked a 2-0 lead by bringing on James Sands and Scott Wright, upsetting the flow and costing us a massive win.

That was the first massive test and he failed it dreadfully. Michael Beale has failed every single meaningful test since that one, and he’s failed another one today.

Do we want him fired?

The problem we now have is he’s signed his players, and his ‘vision’ (if there even is one). He’s left us without a defence, and if he’s to leave, Rangers are left with his garbage and his Football Manager 2023 save. That’s an entire squad he’s made, a patchwork mess, and now someone else would have to try to fix it, and make the players buy into him instead. That’s a lot of work.

It would also cost us a lot of money.

So for now, we absolutely, utterly, willingly pray Beale has a damn clue how to turn his own mess around, and prove us all fools for doubting him.

Because after the last 5 or 6 fixtures, there’s little evidence not to.

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  1. An absolute Clusterf*ck of a performance. terrible team selection, was clear after 20 minutes this was all wrong but another 41 minutes before he brought on a sub.
    I thought Dessers was unfit when he arrived – I may have been wrong. Maybe he really is just that bad.
    The defence? What defence? Atrocious.
    Cantwell on the bench? So of our effective goal scorers last season, Tav started, Cantwell sat on the bench, Colak, Morelos and Tillman all gone. Instead we have Dessers.
    Have been a fan of Beale since Day 1. But if we don’t win and win well on Wednesday, that nail will fall out of the wall and his coat will be heading for the carpet.

  2. MB has made a lot of questionable decisions no doubt about it. He seems to be so self absorbed and egotistical he hasn’t even considered that he could get it all so wrong and it’s his head alone on the chopping block. Tbh I couldn’t take away a single positive from what I witnessed yesterday. Oh Happy Dayz. 💙💙

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