Ibrox boss Michael Beale drops Ryan Kent Rangers clanger

Ibrox boss Michael Beale drops Ryan Kent Rangers clanger
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 30: Ryan Kent of Rangers inspects the pitch prior to the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 30, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Michael Beale has contradicted a fan theory that Sam Lammers was signed as an effective ‘replacement’ for Ryan Kent, by suggesting that he still needs a replacement for the departed winger.

In a bewildering mishmash of claims and contradictions, Beale espoused Kent and suggested Rangers still needed a player like that, which confused fans extensively given the nature of Kent’s exit and the fact Beale has gone absolutely nowhere near any left wingers in this transfer window.

It also confused the majority because Rangers have pretty much ditched wingers under Beale and have been using Lammers on the right and even Danilo on the left, neither of whom are wingers, and both of whom would expect to play more centrally.

So the idea we miss Ryan Kent, a pure left winger, is as much strange as it is confusing.

He said:

“The one area we’re probably a little bit light is someone like a Ryan Kent. Whether we’ll get there between now and the end of the window, or do we find that within in our squad, time will tell.”

This is actually astonishing commentary to make. Michael Beale knew as early as March if not even earlier that Ryan Kent was leaving, that he wasn’t signing a new contract, and to now announce only 3 weeks before the window ends that he is working hard on sorting that side of the pitch out, and doesn’t even actually know if he’ll bother, is utterly ridiculous.

We have literally never known a Rangers manager to talk this much absolute rubbish, this persistently. To brass neck utter mince to the press take some gall.

Yes, we know Steven Gerrard did drop a few wee porkies, all managers do, they can’t be completely honest all the time. Even Gio, initially very honest, got a little more cryptic and used more discretion as time wore on.

But so many Rangers fans have accused Beale of ‘too much talk’ and here, yet again, the man is bumping his gums speaking tripe and making little to no sense.

We really wouldn’t take too seriously much that he says, in all, pun not intended, honesty.

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