How are Rangers’ new boys doing after 3 matches?

How are Rangers’ new boys doing after 3 matches?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JULY 26: Sam Lammers of Rangers goes up with Andreas Richardos during the end of the pre-season friendly match between Rangers and Olympiacos at Ibrox Stadium on July 26, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

So, it’s that time again, to assess the summer signings – we’re three friendlies in, and with the serious stuff happening in 8 days when we travel to Killie, it’s time to make a bit of conjecture about what we reckon of each new addition thus far.

It is all subject to change, of course, it’s preseason, but there’s no harm in giving an early impression of what we’ve seen with 3×90 minutes now under our belts.


Same as last time (5), didn’t play a minute last night and we’re not sure why. Should have come on for McCrorie but remained seated.


Same as last time (8), was not in the match day squad at all. Really hope he’s not injured.


Obviously no rating, hasn’t played a minute. Is this another Nnambi Ofoborh?


Out of his depth v Newcastle, a lot stronger v Hamburg, but completely anonymous v Olympiakos, we’d previously scored him 7 overall, but after drowning v the Greeks despite that decent showing v the Germans it’s down to a very, very generous 6 and no more.


About 5% better v Olympiakos but still not showing enough, at least he is moving achingly slowly in the right direction but thus far the tactics don’t suit him. A big runner but lacks culture and composure, and not fitting in yet. 5


The star of preseason – there’s been some fans making bonkers comparisons with Laudrup and Jelavic already, but without going that ridiculous he’s definitely shone. Looks technically good, great at dribbling, and a very intelligent player. He’s maybe not an absolute striker, but he’s great behind the front man. 8


He’s played as a cameo v Hamburg then a starter v Olympiakos, and has not made a single dent in either match. Barely touched the ball, totally isolated, and so far the system Michael Beale is building doesn’t suit him at all. Not his fault, he just isn’t fitting in yet. Beale dropped and sold Colak for ‘not suiting his system’ and may just have signed a player for more money who plays the same way? 4

So that’s 7 signings, and while we can’t make any conclusions yet, it’s not the most brilliant batch yet is it?

We want players who are ready to thrive immediately, and really only Lammers and Balogun have of the new boys.

Yes it’s preseason ‘blah blah blah’ but if Beale is going to single out Ridvan for an error last night, then he’s clearly watching and judging himself. And so should we.

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  1. Lammers by farcthr best bit of business so far looks classy and being Dutch a smart footballer. Totally unimpressed with Dressers I know it’s only a short appearance but I expected some sign or move..a little like when we give young players a chance . Still let’s try get upbeat . Onwards

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