“Absolutely jaded – 3” Rangers players rated v Olympiakos

“Absolutely jaded – 3” Rangers players rated v Olympiakos
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JULY 26: Todd Cantwell of Rangers gets taken down in the box by the keeper, penalty to Rangers follows during the pre-season friendly match between Rangers and Olympiacos at Ibrox Stadium on July 26, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Rangers’ preseason continued today with an especially difficult 90 minutes against a clinical Olympiakos. Ibrox Noise rates the players after a struggle of a match in Govan.


Nothing he could do about the deflected opener, like Butland in previous friendlies before him he got no real chance to showcase himself or his talents. 5


Bright start for 20 minutes then lost his way, as defence got hairier and hairier. Offered absolutely nothing in attack, and was majorly culpable for the opening goal. Was completely lost and his nicking a penalty yet again doesn’t do anything to compensate. 4


A touch of class, was composed, but again, like v Newcastle, was let down by the muppet next to him. Got better after Davies was withdrawn. 6


Was actually ok v Hamburg, but v a top-flight side in Olympiakos, as he was v Newcastle he was hapless. Just lost, positionally all wrong, flapping at everything, and weak. 3


Horrible night for Barisic who is having a stinker of a preseason. Nearly cost one goal, definitely cost another, the Croat looks absolutely jaded. 3


Wasn’t involved anywhere near enough, tidy in what he did and more careful with his passing but aside one stellar volley didn’t really influence this one. 5


Showed his level. Completely anonymous in this one, compared with actually doing a good job v Bundesliga 2 Hamburg. 4


It is absolutely the worst he’s ever played in the shirt. Playing deeper was yet another Michael Beale error with the ex-Norwich man, something the manager should have known wouldn’t work as it didn’t v Celtic. Cantwell was lost, tried too hard, couldn’t get involved, and then dived for a dodgy penalty. We know he’s a tonne better than this, so we’ll put this one down to Beale trying a weird experiment again. 2


By a mile the best outfield player aside Souttar, Lammers tried things, and showed a lot of technical poise. He’s a great dribbler and he’s very smart. We’re liking this guy a lot. 7


He was, for the first 20 minutes, a little better than he’d previously been but was quickly lost after that. He’s really struggling with this team. 4


Had one notable dribble all night, winning a foul. We barely spotted him aside this. 4



In his defence (not that Rangers had one) he’s proven how shocking he is many times, and yet Beale put him out there in the second in what must have felt like a real slap in the face to McCrorie. 0


Did his best to prevent the second goal but his number one wasn’t interested in helping him out. Very unfortunately with the deflection for the third. He didn’t do badly at all aside bad luck. 5


A bit lost for the second goal, and wasn’t able to hit the ground running like he has earlier in preseason. 5


Looks 500 yards off the pace and nearly got a red for a ridiculous scything challenge. He’s awful at the moment. 3


Struggled to make any impact then got clobbered, and saw red mist, understandably. 4


Beale with a very odd team selection, Davies starting and no sign of Balogun or Roofe, injured? This was a mess of a match, both the starting XI and the subs – not a single thing the manager tried worked here, and just like v Hamburg, an experiment failed. He might be feeling a little concerned that his team isn’t gelling much with barely over a week till the serious action starts. 0

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  1. OK it was a friendly but we did look tired God help us all, I was feeling slightly optimistic yesterday but after tonight I am now more than a bit concerned going into the start of the season with our calamitous defence and our lack of firepower in our forwards. Generous scores for a couple imo. 💙💙

  2. I was totally bemused at this whole farce. If Beale wants to turn the fans against him then that’s the way to do it. Clueless, classless and totally annoying. Why expose our better players like Cantwell and Raskin by messing them around. I’m trying to keep positive as we move forward but Beale has only a small opportunity to get it right . I’ll say again we need to offlload the Mcglaughlins the Davies etc. for what ever we can . Onwards

    • Yup totally agree with you. We need to get shot of Barisic, Lundstram, Matondo, Sakala, Wright, Davies, Tav & Goldson & Hagi. Last night was bloody woeful. He needs to start utilizing the players in the positions best suited to them to get the best out of the team as a whole unit.

      • Last night was terrible, but too late now to throw all of them out. I agree on Barisic, Lundstram, Matondo and Wright, completely empty jerseys. Davies too if we can replace with Panzo or Trusty. Tav & Goldson – might as well ask for Messi and Haaland in. Not happening.
        Hagi and Sakala? Hagi still coming back and while I agree Sakala is frustrating, you have to be there to miss them. SuperAlly missed more than he scored. Who else can you honestly say will outscore him this season?

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