Cyriel Dessers has already shone for Rangers even before kicking a ball

Cyriel Dessers has already shone for Rangers even before kicking a ball
Dessers on his unveiling....

Cyriel Dessers has spoken about his move to Rangers for the first time, but rather than Ibrox Noise examining what he said, we’re going to take an alternative stance:

We can rarely remember the last time a more positive and absolutely enthusiastic player came to Ibrox, clearly 100% wanting the move and being completely delighted to get the switch as much as the Belgian-born Nigerian.

The bubbly character, who is clearly a very smart boy indeed, praised the club and fans without gushing and going overboard, and admitted this move was in the making for around 4 years, before 2023 saw it ramp up significantly in May.

One of the many things we look from what he said wasn’t, as we allude, his actual words, but it was the way he spoke and the way he carried himself:

It might seem minor as a detail but Dessers looked into the camera, so as well as speaking to Rangers TV’s Louise Shaw, making us feel like our new forward wasn’t just addressing her but us supporters as well. It was a very subtle touch, and it made a real sense that Dessers is already keen on the support, and wants to do well for us.

Of course, the real proof is in the pudding on the pitch, so by no manner of means are we judging how good he’ll be based on how he does in interviews, but it does help when a player is good with the press and shows charisma and some charm, while articulating himself well.

Similarly true, he’s 28 and not a kid any more – he’s clearly a mature guy who describes himself as a ‘complete’ striker, and that comes across in the interview where he projects himself as laid back, bubbly, but excited for this chance.

This move has been in the making for almost half a decade, and Rangers finally have their man – the club can also thank former Ibrox star Leon Balogun for his words in encouraging Dessers that his future lay in Govan. Balogun never wanted to leave, and loved his time at Rangers.

But, we shall see if Dessers’ off-field charm translates to on-field quality. But if he’s half as good on the pitch as he is off it, we’re onto a winner.

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  1. This could be a stroke of genius by Beale. His pedigree is very good with lots of quality experience. I’m really looking forward to seeing him play . I like the direction of signing these athletic big men who will give defences lots to think about . I still want to see Goldson replaced he is a weak link. If its true about Gerrards wish to sign Tav and Wtight then yes please for me .

  2. It’s always refreshing when someone comes in and the sound genuinely excited and happy to be at our Club, not to mention it’s a nice touch mentioning about the history and the great fans etc. The proof is in the pudding so look forward to seeing him in action. 💙💙

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