Rangers ready to announce £5.5M Cyriel Dessers on four-year deal

Rangers ready to announce £5.5M Cyriel Dessers on four-year deal
REGGIO NELL'EMILIA, ITALY - MARCH 06: Cyriel Dessers of US Cremonese celebrates after scoring his team second goal during the Serie A match between US Sassuolo and US Cremonese at Mapei Stadium - Citta' del Tricolore on March 06, 2023 in Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)

Rangers are set to announce Cyriel Dessers, 28, on a four-year deal today after the Nigerian striker completed his medical and secured his £5.5M move from Cremonese to Ibrox.

The hitman, who has been on Rangers’ radar for some weeks, chose Ibrox ahead of Serie A, with last season’s rivals Torino impressed by his performances and bidding on his signature, but Dessers made a big choice to go with Rangers.

As Ibrox Noise posited some weeks ago, Dessers had a choice to make between Rangers and the Champions League, a huge club but a terrible domestic league aside Celtic, or Torino, a massively better league, better wages, but no Europe and certainly not 50,000 fans every other week.

Dessers has made a football decision to join Rangers on a lesser wage than Torino offered him, but it’s a massive club and of course for Dessers a bit of a gamble in that he’s leaving where he’s been fairly settled for a year now.

But this is what we want – we want players who want to be here, and Dessers clearly does.

Rangers should announce him today assuming there’s been no glitch with the paperwork, and the options up front for the Ibrox giants should improve thus.

Dessers? We suggested he wasn’t, on his own, a game-changing signing, and we fractionally stand by that, but when one looks at his record, he is genuinely a very, very good striker and Scotland could well be the right place for that to flourish.

He’s not devastatingly brilliant, but he’s done very well in top leagues, such as Belgium, Italy and Holland – so Rangers are very much getting a £5.5M striker. We’re getting what we’re paying for.

We look forward to seeing him.

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