Abysmal Neil Doncaster’s silence amid Rangers SPFL apology

Abysmal Neil Doncaster’s silence amid Rangers SPFL apology
LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 07: Neil Doncaster takes part in Leaders U-40 Advisory Day at Stamford Bridge on July 7, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images).

The SPFL apology last night over the Rangers cinch fiasco raised a number of key points, and Ibrox Noise will analyse them with you now.

First off, it is massively massively telling that Neil Doncaster, the architect of all this, was NOT the one apologising. There is absolutely no accountability here for the man who is the epitome of stealing a living, and a very affluent one at that.

Secondly, that it was Celtic-supporting Murdoch MacLennan who actually put his name to this apology shows you what a massive win this was for Rangers – MacLennan loathes our club, and was castigating towards the board back in the day during the earliest processes of this whole stalemate. So for him to be the one who says sorry is a big deal, and a massive win for Rangers.

Thirdly, and in many ways the most important one – Rangers wouldn’t have won this under the Stewart Robertson era, but under the James Bisgrove regime Rangers are run much, much, MUCH better and we have started winning things like this.

Fourthly and possibly most intriguingly, it doesn’t alter the reality that the whole thing was a sham by Douglas Park in order to promote his own business interests (which he’s still doing). Rangers’ board and lawyers now are so much better that they were able to win thanks to shrewd legal work and business acumen, but it doesn’t change Park’s blatant selfishness.

So what do we take from all of it? Ultimately, Neil Doncaster’s expensive incompetence, which, incidentally, includes a massive SPFL payout (which the club has directed towards charity), remains in place – exposed yet again, with that bewildering two-year notice policy protecting him from ever being fired.

That Park’s motives were selfish doesn’t matter – this whole thing highlighted Doncaster yet again as unfit for office, but he will remain in post because it costs too much to fire him and he’s protected by that 24-month contract period.

And his wage? Around £400,000 a year and rising every annum. Only Scotland could do this, to secure a substandard CEO we give him an ‘irregular’ protection clause in his contract.

Sometimes words don’t do justice to a sham situation, and Doncaster is that sham.

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  1. This was the Bennett Bisgrove partnership in play. Doncaster is a wretch, incompetent , arrogant and very unlikeable. He cares not a jot about Scottish Football only in himself and what’s in it for him. Mr Park doesn’t come out of this very well, however he’ll always be remembered as part of the Saviours of our club . WATP.

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