Doncaster humiliated yet again as FM ignores latest ‘request’…

Doncaster humiliated yet again as FM ignores latest ‘request’…
At it again....

Neil Doncaster’s silence recently has not gone unnoticed by Ibrox Noise.

Doncaster, the bumbling baboon in charge of our game, has been wildly complaining about fans not being allowed back en-masse to Scottish grounds, completely and wilfully ignoring safety protocol about the present climate in the process.

Using twisted logic and warped thinking, the SPFL CE has repeatedly condemned First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for attempting to keep the nation safe and told her off in a manner of absolutely ignominy.

And yet, over the past week or so, Doncaster has gone so very quiet.

As numbers rise and the media irresponsibly cause unnecessary panic and alarm, the situation is indeed a little more precarious than it was, but it still isn’t anywhere near as awful as summer ‘experts’ predicted.

Nevertheless, the new guidelines have come into effect, and Doncaster’s whining has become a distant memory.

If the FM had listening to this whimpering moron, it would have made cases in Scotland hike far worse, all for the sake of his preserving his own job.

He really is a self-centred egotist who swallowed a dictionary years ago in a misguided belief fancy words would make him look smarter.

And thankfully his petty whining was ignored and he’s piped down considerably.

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