Wilson and Robbo cost Rangers £40M in damning legacy

Wilson and Robbo cost Rangers £40M in damning legacy
He's gone, but surely he will know what the deal is....(Credit Rangers FC)

As a follow-up to yesterday’s news on Rangers defender Ben Davies, Ibrox Noise wanted to discuss the cost of former Director of Football Ross Wilson and MD Stewart Robertson, and how the ex-transfer chief and MD have ended up costing Rangers an absolute fortune and wasted so much of our money.

Everyone points to the Calvin Bassey sale, and yes, it was the one thing they got right, but if we look at the counter examples the entire scale of offences from our former DoF and MD is absolutely shambolic.

This subject has two areas, the second one we will cover in the follow-up to this piece, but in this one it’s about Rangers contracts.

It’s about the number of players we’ve managed from Ibrox to lose for no money at all, with, of course, the big two being Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent.

Morelos once had a peak value creaking into the £30M range, and we were definitely bid £16.5M by Lille. We rejected that – Ross Wilson and Stewart Robertson patently losing this club around £20M with that decision, and the lad left for nothing.

We also turned down a £10M bid from Leeds for Ryan Kent, whose value at Ibrox peaked at about £20M. We rejected it, and here we are letting him go for nothing.

Grand total lost here?

£1M for Morelos’ transfer fee, £16.5M definitely lost from Lille, and his potential £30M range for market value at peak.

But it gets no better with Kent. We spent £7.5M, and that’s gone. We lost £10M from Leeds, that’s rejected. And his peak market value was around £20M. Gone.

We’re not going to total that up because that’s not how this loss actually works, but the definite reality is we’ve lost potentially up to around £40M by letting their contracts wind down. And that’s on Wilson for failing to negotiate and tie them down.

True, ex-chairman Douglas Park did point out that if the player is demanding too much, there’s not much the club can do. That is a fair angle.

But equally, the club has to protect its own interests and assets, and losing Kent and Morelos for nothing when both were £20M assets once upon a time is absolutely dreadful management and falls on Ross Wilson and indeed Robertson.

Wilson was a shocking DoF and did much more harm than good.

His legacy at Ibrox is a bad one, even if he wants to claim 55 and Sevilla. The financial mismanagement was chronic.

No wonder he’s not being replaced.

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