Why Ibrox Noise is a bit different from most Rangers supporter groups

Why Ibrox Noise is a bit different from most Rangers supporter groups
SEVILLE, SPAIN - MAY 18: Rangers fans enjoy the atmosphere before the UEFA Europa League Final outside the Cartuja Stadium on May 18, 2022 in Seville, Spain. Eintracht Frankfurt will face Rangers FC in the UEFA Europa League final on May 18, 2022. (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

We know we know, we’ve been absolutely brutal today on all things Rangers – one muppet even reckoned Chris Sutton is moderating on our social media accounts which made us laugh.

But this is the harsh reality Rangers fans are in right now – we’re miles behind ‘them’ in the league, we’ve been papped out of every competition we’ve been in this season and we are trophyless this campaign.

It’s hard to exude positivity, although Ibrox Noise’s Ross has done his darndest to try.

But the rest of us are pretty bleak about what’s to come for this club, and so while we love our Rangers and desperately want the club to rise to the top as quick as possible, there’s absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel as things stand, aside fabricated conjecture about how we can turn this around.

We’ve even seen other Rangers groups (h&h, 4lads) being similarly blunt and honest about how rotten this club and squad are, and like us, their audience mostly agrees.

There’s just a few who take any criticism of our club as a dig from the east and assume it’s coming from timmy.

We assure you all, our own self criticism is a lot worse and more serious than anything that bunch of green clowns can come up with, and our own criticism actually matters.

It’s critical that we be honest, that we do not pull wool over your eyes and pretend everything is rosy. If we see nuggets of positivity we will jump on them with both hands and hold them aloft for the world to see, but there are so few right now.

And we’re not going to take you for fools by pretending things are good.

Do we back our club? Always. We have follow followed on all our lives, just like you reading this have, and we will always do so.

But we will not lie about how rotten we are.

Ibrox Noise has always been a bit different from most fan groups – our content is not the rosy rosy blindly Rangers-backing stuff you’ll see in the other groups with more followers – we often lose readers or ‘likes’ because folk can’t handle our honesty – or label it as ‘negativity’.

When things ARE good we savour it and celebrate with all of you, but when they’re like this, we call it out, and the wide-eyed optimists among our support reckon we’re tims as a result.

Which they can if they want, but 99% of true Rangers fans know Ibrox Noise are Rangers fans too, and we want the best for the club.

So we’re continuing our path of honesty, reflection, and cautious optimism where merited.

If that doesn’t work for you you’re better off elsewhere.

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  1. I have no problem, think your criticism is generally justified but even if I disagree with it I find it well thought out, argued and presented.

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