Rangers hypocrisy laid bare as Celtic disorder is ‘ignored’…

Rangers hypocrisy laid bare as Celtic disorder is ‘ignored’…
Chaotic scenes, but they're ok because they're Celtic, right?

Given the mainstream media and the politicians predictably ignored Celtic’s disorder in Glasgow this weekend, good old Ibrox Noise will highlight it.

Of course, the point is how they absolutely slated Rangers far and wide in Scotland during the celebrations for 55, with government interventions, dozens of politicians (all SNP) condemning it, and the media splashing it all over the front and back pages.

Celtic’s identical disorder on winning the league has been completely whitewashed by comparison, and while the printed media did cover it, it did not get the same level of aggressive coverage and not a single politician, certainly not the First Minister, said a single word about it.

Of course, it’s not surprising – the SNP is rife with green-leaning politicians, Yousaf being one, James Dornan another. Not a single word from these on this chaos at Glasgow Cross.

See, they’re not strictly wrong to leave it to the police, but these fools should have kept ‘professional’ and never made any comment on Rangers’ celebrations either.

But as it is, the BBC especially have ignored it, while the same group absolutely did cover Rangers fans’ incidents in 2020.

The reality is that unless for social media or you actually ‘googled’ Celtic fan disorder, you wouldn’t know this happened.

Unlike Rangers supporters whose 2020 episode was front page news all over the place and being roundly and loudly condemned by all and sundry.

Not going to happen with this government to Celtic, is it?

Do we care about that lot? No. But this one came to our attention the past couple of days and highlighting it is only fair.

It would be a betrayal of Rangers fans to ignore what the green lot did. After all, that’s what the media and politicians have done.

As an aside, Police Scotland themselves were about the only group to actually discuss it, given they had to deal with it.

Guess they’re just OBs huh?

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