Sturgeon at it again as FM targets Rangers fans

Sturgeon at it again as FM targets Rangers fans
12.07.2015. Gullane, Scotland. Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Scottish Open Final Round. Scotland s first minister Nicola Sturgeon addresses the crowd before the trophy presentation. xGordonxBellx PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxHUNxSWExNORxDENxFINxONLY ActionPlus11640203 12 07 2015 Gullane Scotland Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Scottish Open Final Round Scotland s First Ministers Nicola Sturgeon addresses The Crowd Before The Trophy presentation xGordonxBellx PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxHUNxSWExNORxDENxFINxONLY

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has once again targeted Rangers fans over accusations of ‘anti-Catholic racism’ while bringing attention to ‘carnage’ but failing to enforce the same criticism of 20,000 Scotland fans who violated every rule under the sun in travelling to Wembley.

The First Minister, who repeatedly preaches how she’s not against one side or the other, has an immaculate habit of always using incendiary language when discussing Rangers, but fails to do likewise with either Celtic or Scotland fans, or indeed, any other football fans at all.

Discussing ‘anti-Catholic racism’ but failing to acknowledge the faked tape designed to incriminate the innocent, Sturgon clearly wasn’t interested in the fact, only the best political moves she could make.

On the Scotland 20K to Wembley, the rhetoric was just that ‘we can’t physically stop’ 20,000 fans, whereas Rangers got accused of a disgraceful lack of leadership over the George Square gathering of lesser numbers. And now the FM is using yet more provocative language to refer to Rangers’ fans while being infinitely more gentle on the giant violation of an extra 18K Tartan Army fans travelling south.

There was also no mention of the damage to George Square as a result of the gathering of hundreds of Tartan Army fans on the evening of the England match, but plenty of focus on what Rangers fans did.

The FM, properly held to account today on this topic by a journo brave enough to ask the question (and likely now to be cast out of their profession we’d wager), has been infinitely inconsistent along with her party in the way she deals with Rangers compared with everyone else.

The aggression in tone and wording from her and her cohorts on our club compared with the softly softly approach on every other group is clear and patent for all to see.

But that’s just the way it seems to be around these parts.

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  1. I have said it before Sturgeon and the SNP hate Rangers. These buffoons in the tartan army constantly sang if you have the effing English clap your hands we effing hate England surely this is racist chanting but no condemnation from the SNP or MSN as they are looked upon as happy go lucky cheeky chappies.when if fact they caused carnage in London and were exposing themselves to women and children.
    As you mention you also are correct in saying the damage they caused in George Sq but not a word of condemnation from anyone.Sturgeon knows her core support is groups who hate Rangers and does not want to alienate them. Her and her government are.not fit for purpose.

  2. Once Mr Donald Mackay gets it spot on. They and all of that poison hate Rangers and all that it stands for Unfortunately we are only just in a slight minority in this SNP led green cesspit we call a country however and we fail to influence this continual leaning to placating this shower who follow them blindly in name of so called Scotland Tartan Army etc.

  3. This may all be true but we don’t help ourselves with a sizeable number of fans who can’t behave like civilised people. I’m more concerned that we don’t dismiss their behaviour and would like to know what action will be taken to root these idiots out. We may be the people but they most certainly aren’t.

    • I agree we need to weed out these miscreants who bring shame on our club. When fans are allowed back into Ibrox and the FTP brigade start then the silent majority should start to drown them out with real Rangers songs of which there are plenty and hopefully in time they will get the message
      We have a bad element in our support but it sticks in my craw when their behaviour is rightly critised but the tartan army’s is not it is double standards by Sturgeon and her cronies.

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