Rangers fans react to Alfredo Morelos’ exit from Ibrox

Rangers fans react to Alfredo Morelos’ exit from Ibrox
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 29: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates his teams first goal scored by Ryan Kent during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on December 29, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Rangers fans are reacting to Alfredo Morelos’ confirmed exit this summer, and Ibrox Noise has been canvassing for opinion on the Colombian’s Ibrox adventure ending.

The overriding phrase from 90% of the fans that we’ve seen:

Could have left a hero, but instead leaves by the back door’.

The reality is Morelos wasted his Ibrox chance – he was given one of the world’s biggest sporting platforms, Rangers v Celtic at both Ibrox and their place, and flubbed his lines in it for years.

Rangers v Celtic, and how our players do v the Parkhead lot, is how our players are judged. It’s why fans, happier now with him, but slaughtered John Souttar at the time for that backpass. It’s why they slaughtered Fashion Sakala for screwing it up after all the hype about him.

Morelos was no different. He choked v Celtic completely, let’s not pretend otherwise. Having joined in summer 2017 Alfredo Morelos did not score or assist against them for four years. FOUR YEARS.

He choked open goals repeatedly and in a total of 23 appearances only scored 3 times. That is a complete and total disgrace and there’s no mincing the words on that.

For Rangers’ star striker to only net 3 times v them, and never even assist ONCE in those 23 outings is absolutely shambolic.

So when it comes to heroism, we’re a bit less generous on Ibrox Noise compared with some of the fans.

Morelos, aside 19/20 when he hit the form of his life, was an overall failure at Ibrox. Yes he broke the euro goalscoring record, but it’s a fraud.

Fredo scored 13 of his European goals v the likes of Lincolm and Osijek in Europa League qualifiers, while 15 were in the group stage. But Ally McCoist? 4 in the Champions League, 7 in Champions League qualifiers, 3 in the-then Uefa Cup and 4 in the-then European Cup. He absolutely stomps over Morelos’ record, given almost 50% of Morelos’ is low-level. Unless you want to tell us 18 goals at UCL qualifiers or higher is lesser than what Morelos did.

So don’t anyone try to claim Morelos ‘broke’ the record – factually yes, he did, but at a much lower level.

But against Celtic it was diabolical – like it or not, Rangers players’ entire Ibrox careers are measured by how well they do here, v Celtic, and he absolutely flunked it.

Overall stats? 124 goals in 268 Rangers appearances – almost one in 2, so not a statistical fail, and if we were signing him this summer and getting in a striker with those numbers, we’d be excited, no doubt about it. 58 assists. It’s good.

But nowhere else in the world is a player’s career at a club quite measured against another club the way a Rangers man’s is v Celtic.

And on that level he absolutely failed horribly.

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  1. The only record el gordo broke was for red cards
    Get rid we’r a better team without the dud

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