Michael Beale confirms Rangers exit for Alfredo Morelos

Michael Beale confirms Rangers exit for Alfredo Morelos
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 16: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers is seen during the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Olympique Lyon at Ibrox Stadium on September 16, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Michael Beale has confirmed Alfredo Morelos will leave Rangers and Ibrox Noise can only say ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’.

You can spout all the rubbish about ‘good servant’ all you like but Morelos has played for a move since January 2018, and isn’t welcome at Ibrox anymore.

The manager even slaughtered the Colombian’s sullen behaviour on entry today pointing out his introduction didn’t bring about a positive change, in a breaking story that will surprise no one.

Morelos has NEVER cared about Glasgow Rangers, only himself, and his homeland. That’s his right, but don’t expect us to care about him.

We remain deeply regretful we didn’t sell him two years ago and lost out on £16.5M for him. It was a gamble which horribly backfired and since then he’s barely been in the building.

Morelos never even learned English for God’s sake – basic level yes but in his whole time at Ibrox he gave ONE half-hearted interview in English and that was it.

I’m sorry, but if you spend time in a country, you are deeply disrespecting it by not learning its language, and that’s just one of Morelos’ many failings.

Yes, 4 years ago he was the Europa League’s top scorer in the group stage, but that was the peak of his Rangers career – and it’s been slowly downhill since then. His highest league goal tally in 6 years? 17. It’s decent, but sensational it isn’t. And that was that same season.

Since then his contributions have sunken, and we still don’t buy that European goal record – it isn’t supposed to include qualifying rounds, the removal of which sees Ally very much the top Euro scorer in this club’s history with 17. Morelos got 15. None of which were in the Champions League.

Do we sound like bitter Morelos haters? Yes we probably do, but we don’t care.

Michael Beale’s comments today have opened the floodgates for honesty to surface about the Colombian waster who ultimately gave this club very, very little in 6 years.

We honestly cannot wait till he leaves and we never have to look at him again.

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