What will it mean for Rangers to win the Old Firm this weekend

What will it mean for Rangers to win the Old Firm this weekend
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 26: Ange Postecoglou, Head Coach of Celtic, looks on during the Viaplay Cup Final between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on February 26, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

While Ibrox Noise’s attitude hasn’t been the most optimistic with regards a Rangers win this weekend, if the stars do align it is possible.

So, if we do win, and that’s the biggest if given we’ve not beaten Celtic in the league since August 2021, what could the implications be for the club with the gap now 6 points?

It would suggest our analysis wasn’t on the money, and that Rangers are better than we realised. It would give everyone a massive lift and would suggest Celtic’s title is no longer ‘theirs to lose’ and while they would still have the effective 7 points gap, it would nudge a little doubt in their minds that they’ve lost to Rangers at home.

That’s not happened since late 2020, during 55. It’s been a ridiculously long time.

Rangers’ record against Celtic in since promotion in 2016 has been poor, 8 wins of 29 fixtures total, all during Gerrard’s reign aside Gio’s win in the semi-finals.

So winning in the league at Parkhead would be huge.

Whether we believe it will happen (we don’t) doesn’t matter, what matters is the implications for doing so.

That they’re not as far ahead of Michael Beale’s Rangers as they were of Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s, and that tellingly, if both Cantwell and Raskin do start, the impact of signings Michael Beale has made are game-changing.

We do genuinely believe Cantwell and Raskin, if fit, will have good games, but that doesn’t guarantee a win – the whole team needs to show up.

And if it does, and we win, the rules of engagement change a bit. It also means a full summer window under this manager could be a complete game-changer and it also means that there’s every chance we’ll win the Scottish Cup, and that Michael Beale has learned from previous Old Firm errors.

Crucially, it means we now have the power to close the gap on them, and while they will probably still win the league, we’d be the better side between the two.

But of course, we said all this hyperbole before the League Cup final, so we don’t believe it will happen.

But… if it does. Game-changer.

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