Some Rangers fans are demanding Michael Beale be given time

Some Rangers fans are demanding Michael Beale be given time
Beale looking very defeated at Pittodrie.

One of the most common arguments in favour of Michael Beale from his most ardent backers (which we previously were) among the Rangers support is ‘give him time to build his own team’.

Now, on the face of it, this seems like a pretty fair thing to say, and indeed Giovanni van Bronckhorst got some of the same grace, despite Sevilla, when he struggled domestically even in his first season.

As we saw, the window ended up being a bit flat, and Gio was sacked a few months later.

Beale? Well, the problem we have with this argument is that in the here and now, why does ‘waiting till he builds his own team’ somehow reverse the clearly poor decisions he’s making now?

If he’s making bad judgment calls at this point, will they stop in 6 months when he ‘has his own team’?


Maybe him having 11 Nico Raskins and Todd Cantwells in his side will make things a lot brighter than, let’s face it, heartless rubbish like Malik Tillman and Ben Davies, to name only two. There’s plenty more.

But presently, ‘not having his own team’ isn’t stopping Beale making decent team selections and good substitutions, nor is it halting him from being dignified about VAR.

And yet it seems to be, doesn’t it?

From bad personnel choices, to even worse substitutions, to whining repeatedly about VAR (he’s actually admitted a previous whine was incorrect) Beale is making repeatedly poor calls in his management of this club, and while previously he was getting away with it thanks to a very good run of results, it changed after Hampden.

Since then it’s been blundering, foolish, and misguided. And that’s just his press conferences.

Give him a chance with his own team, some supporters say – they may well be right, but does that stop him making the right calls with the players he has now?

We’re not so sure about that. Colak benched, Arfield benched, Tillman gutless but playing – Tavernier remaining as captain?

A bunch of things just aren’t right at present, and Michael Beale is causing quite a few of them himself.

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