Is Michael Beale out of his depth as Rangers manager?

Is Michael Beale out of his depth as Rangers manager?
Beale not too thrilled after the latest loss....

It’s the morning after the night before at Ibrox Noise, following another rotten Michael Beale Rangers performance, the second defeat in three matches and easily the third poor display in a row.

Ibrox Noise was absolutely 100% in favour of Beale. He wanted the job, his record at Queens Park Rangers was excellent for a rookie manager, and he knew Rangers as well as anyone.

What we didn’t account for was how Michael Beale would visibly wilt under the pressure of being the main man at Ibrox, something he has clearly underestimated and arrogantly walked in overlooking.

Michael Beale is not being measured on a 5-2 win v St Mirren, or an easy win over Dundee Utd; like any Rangers manager he’s being measured on his results in the big matches, and he’s failed three times against Celtic, and has now collapsed spectacularly against Aberdeen in what was beyond must-win.

So far, Michael Beale has succeeded on just one thing – signing two excellent additions in Todd Cantwell and Nicolas Raskin, but has otherwise been a complete fail.

Winning bread and butter Scottish Premiership matches is not a sign of success, it’s a standard expectation for a Rangers manager. He initially stemmed the Giovanni bleeding, yes, but he’s done no more than that.

Right now, he looks miserably out of his depth and has underestimated the pressure at Ibrox following the ‘easy street’ at low-expectation QPR. As assistant coach at Ibrox, he wasn’t under the pressure in Govan last time, and now we see him visibly crumbling amid the expectation.

So many team selections are poor, substitutions are plain wrong or delayed ridiculously, then Beale has the temerity to whine about VAR calls afterwards in a plain attempt to deflect his own failings at this level.

Before we continue, there’s no question the players aren’t performing, aren’t good enough, and have reached their sell-by date.

100% we are not shifting all the blame on Beale at all, the players are hugely culpable – but it’s patently clear that the manager is already struggling with the pressure, and his still being in his first season of management is starting to show strain as he blunders around making bad calls.

It’s a whole different world being the manager compared with the assistant – and our boss is currently really struggling to handle the increase in pressure.

We have no choice but to back him, and hope he proves us wrong, and maybe with his own built squad this summer he will, but at this point he just looks like he’s drowning.

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  1. Beale is out of his depth at Ibrox as the manager of the Famous. He has as you said walked in as if his jacket, tea mug and gear were still there where he left them next to Stevi Gs . It’s arrogant but also naively stupid. He has failed miserably, to really grasp the enormiity of the expectations that were needed
    after Gio dismissal. He failed . We all agree there are total non triers and passsengers in our team they all have to go asap. He has signed 2 really good players in Cantwell and Raskin .

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