Rangers striker exits for Finland as summer exodus starts

Rangers striker exits for Finland as summer exodus starts
He wasn't the best, was he....

The biggest waste of time Rangers have suffered in recent years has finally left after mediocrity himself Juan Alegria, the 20-year-old Colombian striker signed in a blaze of hipster publicity from Honka (yes really) has quit for the same team having failed miserably to make the grade and never even making Rangers’ first team bench.

We do not know what the point of such an obscure and bizarre addition was, and have to wonder exactly what the scouting team were doing bringing in a player with absolutely no CV behind him and not even excelling in Finland’s Veikkausliiga (2 goals in 16).

Did they just see ‘Colombia’ and Finnish league and assume he’d be another Alfredo Morelos? Despite the clear evidence Rangers’ star South American was at least very impressive in the Scandinavian marquee league, Alegria had zero evidence to suggest he was even a 20th as good.

But no, our muppet scouts signed him up as ‘one for the future’ and he never even made Rangers’ bench.

Not only that, but he was rotten for our B team as well, and struggled even out on loan in Scotland’s Championship with Falkirk and Thistle.

In short, the kid was nowhere near good enough even for our reserves, and deep questions must be asked of Rangers’ scouting network which picked this kid up, and made Rangers fans think he must be something special, just because we’d never heard of him and he had a Hispanic name.

Nope, a completely rubbish player, both at Ibrox and the Championship, and even in Finland.

Remarkably he does have two caps – for U17 Colombia. That is about as good as it ever got for Alegria who we’d probably recommend for a different career.

He just isn’t good enough at football to be any more than a total journeyman. In fairness, nothing wrong with that, but why on EARTH did we sign him?

This isn’t a hate-fest incidentally, we wish him the best, we’re sure he’s a lovely boy, but he really wasn’t a good signing for Rangers’ Academy at all.

Lesson learned?

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