Michael Beale admits he’s ready to completely overhaul his Rangers squad

Michael Beale admits he’s ready to completely overhaul his Rangers squad
Beale is ready to make biiiig changes to his Rangers squad....

Michael Beale has made a major claim with regards to his squad, by alleging his group of players will be ‘completely different’ come ’11 games time’.

This is the biggest statement of intent, and the clearest sign yet that, assuming it’s true (it’s Michael Beale, let’s not forget), that the manager is far from happy with his squad and intends to make serious changes in the summer.

There is, of course, also another spin on it – Beale is making an admission that he knows Ryan Kent, Alfredo Morelos, a host of other out-of-contract players and the likes of Glen Kamara and one or two more will no longer be Rangers players, with, as yet, no contracts offered to a single one of the players whose deals expire soon, and the expectation the Fin will seek a new club this summer as well.

Not only that, but nothing is ordained with Bayern Munich’s Malik Tillman either so as things stand, he’s returning to Germany as well.

In short, as much as major surgery is definitely required, and the boss knows this, he also appears aware he’s going to lose a glut of players on top of it all.

Up to 10 players if not more will leave, and that’s by design in truth, given Beale has been clear about wanting around 24 players in his squad. Currently it’s around 32, with far from all of these players being first-team fodder, so if at least 10 leave, probably considerably more, maybe 15, then Beale will be looking to bring in at least five new ones, and that’s just for starters.

In short, this summer will see, and must see, big change, whether it’s a massive exodus going out, a glut of players coming in, whatever it may be.

Beale needs better to work with, he can’t have the level of injuries and low quality we’ve been dealing with ever since we won 55 – and he knows it.

What will the changes at Ibrox be?

Well we’ve already seen one haven’t we, in the last 24 hours.

Douglas Park won’t the last change we see in Govan. Not by a long way.

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