Malik Tillman falls short again as German American makes Rangers decision

Malik Tillman falls short again as German American makes Rangers decision
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 08: Malik Tillman of Rangers arrives at the stadium prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Celtic Park on April 08, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Malik Tillman’s arrogance over ‘deciding’ between Rangers and Bayern probably didn’t serve him any better than his previous verbal nonsense about our club in light of yet another poor performance in a match which really matters.

The German-born American explained yesterday that he has a ‘decision’ to make:

“I think I have to listen to both managers at Rangers and Bayern and see what they say and where they see me and see the plans for the future and then I can decide.”

Well if Michael Beale even makes a case, we can speak for ourselves on Ibrox Noise and confirm we’d be disappointed to keep this overrated attacker.

Tillman is a case of ego, just like Sakala was prior to the final. He’s a young man who has believed the hype around him, that doing well against Dundee Utd prepares you for the real matches Rangers face.

He was absolutely terrible in the Champions League, and he’s fallen desperately short in every Old Firm too, letting his manager down repeatedly and it seems many supporters, previously ready to hurl £6M at the Germans for him, are less eager to waste that money.

Tillman is fine in the SPL, in the low standard of the SPL. Yes, it’s ruined better players than he so fair play to him for not sinking. But put the Bayern kid up against a good side, Celtic, for example, and he disappears.

He is not a big-time player, and while that’s fine for 90% of the SPL matches, it isn’t good enough for Rangers to be champions.

For us to win the league, win cups you name it, we inevitably have to face Celtic, and Tillman has disappeared every time. He disappeared in the Champions League too, only having one good show, v PSV on their patch in the qualifiers.

And like Goldson, we’re hearing the rhetoric about ‘I’ll choose’ – only the defender told us this AFTER he signed, that he’d had a choice to make.

Tillman is telling us now he’s having to choose. What he really means is – I’ll talk to Tuchel, hopefully he sees me as part of his plans, and I’ll be off. If not, Beale and Rangers it is.

No one is telling us he’d choose Rangers over Bayern if he’s got even a sliver of hope that the new boss in Munich is interested.

Furthermore, even if he ‘chooses’ Rangers, why would we want him? We don’t need him to beat Dundee Utd, we need him to stand up v Celtic.

And he cannot do that. He’s not the only one to fall short, but he is the only one, and if we’re to go forward, Tillman cannot be part of that.

We need better.

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