Malik Tillman’s controversial Rangers comments aren’t the best

Malik Tillman’s controversial Rangers comments aren’t the best
Tillman with that controversial goal (Credit Rangers FC)

Malik Tillman, frankly, has not covered himself in any glory the past few days, and we know we’ll get abuse on Ibrox Noise for calling him and it out.

First was the goal nonsense, which we firmly believe was significantly on him, then he slagged off Giovanni van Bronckhorst in a crude display of unprofessionalism, and now he’s bigging himself up for a return to Germany.

We don’t give a hoot how good a player may or may not be (we’re still not that blown away by his ability quite frankly), if they behave like he has in the past four days they’re not fit wear the Rangers jersey.

You can froth at the gills and rage at us and call us unfit to be Rangers fans for saying this if you like, but we expect standards of dignity, grace and humility from our players, and Malik Tillman’s arrogance falls well short for us.

Look at Todd Cantwell and Nicolas Raskin’s joy at being here, at them bigging up our club, at how much they want to be here and in Cantwell’s case, how his family didn’t even want to leave Ibrox recently.

Now look at Tillman – unsportsmanlike or naïve conduct, the goal was ludicrous and put Beale in a horrendous position which he managed magnificently to resolve, then attacking Gio and smearing his management, before admitting he basically wants to go back to Munich and be part of their squad/team.

We know we have strong opinions on Ibrox Noise, but we make no apology for that, especially when it comes to defending our club against those who we feel aren’t in its best interests.

Tillman falls under that category now, and the sooner this guy is gone from Ibrox the better. He has no interest in this club, he’s immature, he acts like he’s better than us and we’d be extremely disappointed if the signing is made permanent.

His recent conduct reminds us of Kamara and Morelos at their worst, and that’s not a good thing.

There will be many of you fizzing with rage at this, giving your reasons why he’s a great kid and an outstanding talent.

We don’t agree on any of it.

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  1. I think saying that you’re not impressed at his ability is a bit harsh. He’s one of the most technical players we’ve had in a long time. He completely dwarfs hagi in terms of ability yet hagi seems to get no stick here. A player of tillmans ability (who could go all the way to the top) saying they want to play in a better league really doesn’t bother me. If you think every player that comes through the door is here purely for the badge and don’t want more from their career is quite simply delusional.

      • When u look at hagi prior to his injury he wasn’t really blowing anyone away. There were little spells but he could never seem clamp down a starting position. Tillman has and he’s only a year younger than hagi when he joined. When it comes to his comments. We have to remember he’s still a Bayern player. He’s going to have to play a neutral role. He can’t just say he wants to stay because something could happen in the future. As for gio he’s not the first to call out gio which even then this seems more like he’s praising Beale. There’s nothing wrong with having different opinions but this seems like an example reading too deep into an interview.

  2. Even when he was playing. Doesn’t have much pace so relies on his technical ability. And Tillman is considerably better ability wise. Can’t say I’ve gone all the way back to check but I highly doubt you’ve ever wrote an article about how hagi wants to go to a better league (which he undoubtedly does) and his ability is poor. Just seems like there’s a bit of unprovoked hate towards Tillman on this page.

  3. I think this is an example of reading too deep into an interview. We have to remember that he’s still a Bayern player. He has to play a neutral role. He can’t just say he wants to stay as something may happen in the next few months. As for gio he’s not the first to call out gio (didn’t our captain say something similar) and even then it seems more like he’s praising Beale who has definitely got the best out of Tillman. IMO I think we should keep Tillman he’s a young player who’s only going to get better and if we play our cards right we can sell him for a huge profit.

  4. That’s a bit rough on him there like. Think your reading too much into it. God forbid he wants to play for bayern, hes German after all. As big as a club we are being i doubt tillman had the Scottish league in his sights in the bayern academy. As for gio hes entitled to voice his opinion, yous have 👀
    Yous are getting a bit a grumpy in your aul age lol

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